Gaming on the move: the rise of smartphone games

gamingIf your knowledge of mobile gaming is limited to Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, then you’re missing out on the fastest growing entertainment industry in the world. We now spend as much on gaming as we do on movies and music, and that’s causing a huge rush to be the next big gaming experience. With the release of new and improved games that take full advantage of the capabilities of today’s remarkable smartphone technology, the gaming industry is slowly refocusing its attention to the gaming market, and with the sheer amount of profits and their ever-increasing popularity, that’s not really a surprise. There are a number of reasons why the growth of smartphone gaming should not have come as a shock, and those reasons are also why online gaming is going nowhere anytime soon.

Tech improvements

The biggest reason that mobile gaming has taken off to such an extent is simply down to the capabilities of technology. The phone in your pocket is more powerful than the technology used to get a man on the moon, so it’s no surprise that we are still amazed by just what our phones are capable of. For those that believe mobile gaming has peaked, the thing to remember is that phones are still evolving and becoming ever more powerful, and games designers are already working on the next generation of games that they hope will be the next big thing.

Generation gaps

The younger generations have grown up with this remarkable technology, as well as the incredible resource that is the internet, so it’s no surprise that they are the fastest growing user base. This is true of all gaming types, but there has been a steady increase in the online gambling sector. Now that it’s possible to play hyper-realistic casino games anywhere in the world, or bet on real sporting events on a global scale, and all from the comfort of your own home, it’s no wonder that companies like 32Red Casino Online are excelling when it comes to keeping up with the latest technological capabilities. For the younger demographic, this has become a useful way to be involved with the gambling community while still maintaining that all-important control over your finances.


Social media has shown that we enjoy interacting with the world as much as possible, and whether that’s via ‘likes,’ shares, or comments, the fastest growing online communities are those that include interactivity as a core component. One of the reasons why online gaming and interactivity work so well together is because of the difference in entertainment; after all, you can’t really interact with a new album or cinema release. From online casinos to the latest mobile AR app, it’s now possible for gamers to experience the thrill of a created narrative and have an investment in the final outcome.

An incredible 11% of all internet use is now down solely to online casinos, so it’s clear that there has been a shift in focus for online gaming. In a world where the average smartphone owner spends as much as 40 hours a week on online activity, it’s no wonder that even traditional gaming companies are looking at the mobile gaming market with renewed interest.

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