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GamCare safer gambling standard: Everything about it

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While the Gambling industry continued to savor its market profits, “problem gambling” slowly strengthened its root in the underbelly of the gambling community. Owing to this persistent problem, Gamcare was first established in the UK in 1997 as a charity organization that provides advice and lends a helping hand to better the lives of problem gamblers. By now, it has become the leading provider of advice and info regarding the prevention of problem gambling. It successfully operates throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

Gamcare provides a multitude of services to its customers, which range from online counseling sessions, support groups, to face-to-face help. Gamcare also includes an incredibly well-trained portfolio which includes health professionals, betting industry professionals, counselors, educators, and policymakers.

While almost all the top UK bookmakers carry the Gamcare logo, many reliable betting sites not on Gamcare have started flourishing as responsible gamblers have started becoming aware of how to prevent themselves from indulging in compulsive gambling habits. If you are interested in non Gamcare gambling operators you may visit NonGamstopBets where you find detailed reviews about betting sites, features of those companies, and many other useful information.

Gamcare introduces a safer gambling environment for all gamblers. You can choose to take part in all the programs GamCare organizes and inch towards a safer gambling space where your concerns are heard and your interests are preserved.

Safer gambling standard overview

“Safer Gambling” is usually defined as the gambling industry’s initiative to prevent gamblers from falling into the trap of compulsive gambling. Licensed gambling operators make sure to help you adopt the right strategies for a safer gambling environment. They provide you the best set of rules and if you abide by them, you will be untouched by this problematic phenomenon of compulsive gambling. Some of the ideal support options that these gambling operators will provide you are:

  1. They will take care of the customers and be committed to giving the customers their best service.
  2. They will shed light on the aspect of how to be a responsible gambler.
  3. They will protect you from the adverse consequences of compulsive gambling.

If your gambling practice is harming your career or your family, you should seek help. Now, take a look at what GamCare means by introducing gamblers to a safer gambling environment.

  1. A set of rules or warning signs are set in place by gambling businesses. The portfolio trains its staff to reach out for help if they observe such signs.
  2. Gambling businesses offer you the option to select a specific time limit or a limit on the amount you wager so that you can never go overboard.
  3. A robust system that immediately detects and forbids underage gambling practices.

Any licensed gambling operator can apply for GamCare accreditation and if they successfully secure it, the bookmakers can carry the Safer Gambling logo.

The Safer Gambling Standard involves 10 areas and a total of 73 criteria which are essential to building a strong foundation for introducing a safer gambling approach.  Some of the criteria that are shed light upon are:

  • Risk management and corporate superintendence: Inclusion of safer gambling culture within the organization and setting up of policies and strategies for customers at potential risk of slipping into the grasp of compulsive gambling.
  • Self-exclusion: You can go for the self-exclusion program at any time and exclude yourself from all bookmakers for a minimum period of 6 months.
  • Customer interaction: This is a very important milestone in guiding them through the right path of safer gambling. So, gambling organizations as well as online bookmakers have decided to provide the customers with all the help they need.


The rules and requirements of the Safer Gambling Standards set by GamCare are constantly improving keeping user interest as the focal point. Gambling is supposed to be a fun temporary escape from your monotonous life and not a daily thing where you exhaust your money to gain some big wins! You have to keep in mind that the whole concept of gambling revolves around “chance/luck”.

Gambling is fun till it’s done responsibly and accepting that losing and winning- both are like two sides of a coin when you are betting your money. But, worry not. GamCare has successfully upheld “player protection” as its motto and continues to do so with better standards for a safer approach towards gambling.

Story by Paul Hayward. He is a professional gambler who has more than 10 years of experience in the iGaming industry.

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