Gambling for women and men based on habits

There is a lot of prejudice about gender-based preferences and habits. Are any of those true when it comes to gambling? Whatever list of popular platforms we take, there will be no specific focus on men or women: check real money casinos reviewed by to see a great variety of gambling options available to anyone of legal age, regardless of sex, race, or nationality.

But there actually are some behavioral differences which were discovered due to gambling-themed surveys. Let’s find out more about them.

What is Different

American studies from the 2000s show that women’s part in gambling is rather small (14%). Here are some of the main reasons for that: women suffer from a lack of free time and they are less likely to risk. While women are still highly pressured by society, they tend to avoid such activities. Men, by contrast, are often motivated to earn more on wagering.

A lot of researches confirm a gender gap in gambling. Men normally place higher stakes – with the average deposit amount of £94, while women are more likely to spend more money on other stuff like beauty procedures – their average bet is £67.

There’s also an age difference linked to gender. The majority of men gamblers is slightly over 30, while there’s a tendency of women getting engaged in betting after reaching 40. As for young people, the situation is similar: students of both sexes enjoy casino games, with a lot of them developing an unhealthy behavior called problem gambling.

As we can see, women gamble rather for fun. Numerous psychological studies say that their primary motivation is to escape from the reality, cope with boredom, loneliness, or stress.

Routine of Players of Each Gender

Some games attract both genders at the same level, but there are some specificities which men and women choose more often. Let’s see how gender matters in the main aspects of gambling.

Places to Gamble

Women seem to be more responsible, as they would rather play while commuting or at home. In contrast to that, 13% of men admit gambling at work. Speaking of devices, both sexes are more likely to use desktop versions.

Game Preferences

The most popular entertainments among women are roulette and bingo, while sports betting and card games appear to be more attractive to men. There’s also an opinion that some specific content related to games is more appealing to women’s emotions and is able to force them to gamble more: check out a story of a woman getting addicted to playing bingo because of the game being kitten-themed. Gambling websites may use gender-based attractions, but it’s not a common practice in the industry.

Regular Expenses

As we’ve already mentioned, women spend way less than men and see gambling as an opportunity to relax and forget about everyday problems. This attitude is one of the reasons why there are only a few women who develop addiction: they do it mostly for fun and they choose games that rely on pure chance.

According to the national American survey, men are twice as likely to become pathological gamblers or develop subclinical behavior. They can easily become obsessed with the idea of getting more after a win or winning losses back, while women normally withdraw their rewards quite quickly. Some studies blame personality traits in making men more compulsive when it comes to taking risks.

But speaking of how people deal with problem gambling, women show more obvious signs. Addictiveness is a serious threat for anybody that can lead to depression or other severe health damage, although, men that are usually not ready to accept the problem and seek help, cause more harm to themselves.

Time Spent on Gaming

Paradoxically, women spend more time on gambling: 21 months in the average lifetime compared to 14 months for men. They also would rather play a few quick games during a day than be involved in the process for hours. It can be explained by many facts. For instance, many men have traditional poker or blackjack gatherings, which are inevitable parts of their social activities. Women, however, are very rarely involved in such things, as they prefer to spend time with friends just chatting, shopping, or visiting cultural events.

To Sum Up

Gender stereotypes affect nearly every human activity, and gambling is no different. In a society which normally expects different things from men and women, they tend to differ in gambling behavior. While men mostly play for getting profits and tend to enjoy this type of entertainment in a company of friends, women are more likely to play at home, pulling through domestic boredom. There are some differences related to the game choice, age, duration of playing sessions. Also, there are more chances for men to get addicted to betting, as they are more focused on winnings and are less open to show the signs of a problem.

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