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Future VR and entertainment industry evolution

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Granted it’s been always true that our world is in constant change, it seems we can’t deny that in recent times the speed of developments in many areas of our lives has increased tremendously.

With new issues to be addressed, just as the last health emergency due to COVID, we had to differently shape a lot of our usual habits. On the other end, new technology possibilities are letting us see new horizons regarding our future way of living.

Negative and positive get together to establish a new balance. To understand this we can simply think to the smart-working switch that invested many office workers. From one side we were compelled by the sanitary problem, from the other the new technology has made possible a quite surprising transition.

But our working beliefs are not the only being affected. A great revolution is taking place also in the entertainment world. As a matter of fact, we actually have new scenarios that were unpredictable just few years ago: in particular the e-Sport world has turned what was a fun activity to a possible professional career. Teenagers and children of our days can see in playing videogames an actual income source, which is definitely an incredible outcome.

The meaning of “sharing” is being re-defined at uncatchable paces thanks to minimal quality broadband connections being available to most people. Also multimedia equipment is being more and more affordable, so that everyone can become a creator for YouTube, for example.

Another considerable consequence is the “Streaming” phenomenon in platforms like Twitch. In our days is is always more common to find artists, musicians and other content creators hosting their performance live in their own channel. Live video-calls are not just a business practice, instead they have become a way to get more in touch with feeling and people attuned with our personality. Everybody can look for their favorite performance, join the chat with other fans and support the creator who delivers it.

But that’s not all, as we’re going to think about something even more intriguing. A relatively recent trend which is being surfed by some companies is content delivery through a complete virtual character which is being made possible thanks to advancements in Virtual Reality and human tracking devices. While we are not new to concepts involving VR, as we witnessed them since the birth of videogames basically; their application on the human body as well as the machine learning about physical movement has finally conveyed to Real Time Avatar creation.

Many software can be found on Internet, usually with a free version which allows anybody to get a sample of this experience. For example a well know project is led by, with particular focus on 3D cartoon avatars. But there are also other options for more realistic results, such as

This kind of software relies on automatic feature recognition, for example it will mark reference spots on your body and then will process a complete virtual counterpart of your person, properly adjusting it as you move. Some streamers and vloggers are happily living with this new opportunity; but there are also big companies starting to hire popular Avatars to merchandise and advertise their products. For example, Hatsune Miku is known for having sponsored many brands in Japan, such as the car manufacturer Toyota.

How our lives will be affected by this digital uptake is hard to imagine. Certainly a lot of industry and marketing sector can choose to give a try to new tools available today. Probably the entertainment and game industry will lead the way for other unexpected gems, we can think of an improved user experience under any kind of game, also lucky games such as the ones present in Online Casinos can become more user friendly, the classic slot machines can become super slots in the website reviewing them. The classic videogame world may also grow in a more interactive gameplay, with multiplayer modes that will award teams making the best cooperation work. It’s definitely a subject worth staying tuned on.

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