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alon ben meir

Alon Ben-Meir: Diyanet-Erdogan’s Islamic vehicle to the Balkans

- A billboard at a construction site, with a photo of an Ottoman-style mosque with four minarets and the flag of Turkey, was erected recently in the center of Pristina, the capital of Kosovo.
fall foliage

Earth Talk: The environment and fall foliage

- One way you can guarantee some kind of fall color display in your yard is to plant a variety of native plants and trees known to turn bright colors in the fall.

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ken plum

Ken Plum: Virginia’s energy future

- Governor Ralph Northam took two significant steps last week related to Virginia's energy future. In a word, both could be summed up as "conserving."
Anthony Flaccavento

Letter: Vote Anthony Flaccavento in Ninth District race

- Please consider Anthony Flaccavento when choosing who to represent us in the Ninth District. He is a farmer and an entrepreneur, here in Southwest Virginia for the past 30 years.
environment climate change

Earth Talk: Should gas-driven leaf blowers be outlawed?

- When will those gasoline driven leaf blowers that gardeners use be outlawed? The noise and toxic fumes they emit can’t be good for us.

Tracy Ritchie: There’s ‘Lots 2 Love’ about the school lunch program

- One of the most successful and bipartisan programs in United States history is the National School Lunch program – and today as we celebrate National School Lunch Week this Oct. 15-19, it's important to reflect on the millions and millions of children who have benefited from this program over the years.
democrats republicans

Letter: Today’s Democratic Party

- I seem to find myself in the minority in today's national Democratic Party. I disagree with the tendency of most Democrats (including political candidates for Congress and those in the news media) to constantly bash Donald Trump over his obnoxious personality and his divisive comments.
alon ben meir

Alon Ben-Meir: Netanyahu is destroying both Israel and the Palestinians

- Much of what Israel and the Palestinians are experiencing today has befallen them under Netanyahu’s leadership. He believes that the Palestinians will always pose an existential threat to Israel, which led him to pursue domestic policies that dangerously undermined the country’s founding principles of freedom and equality.
chris graham dogs

Blogcast w/Chris Graham: White privilege

- I long chafed at the notion that I have been the recipient of any sort of privilege. I mean, sure, I’m a white male, but: a white male who was raised by a single mom, in a trailer park.
ken plum

Ken Plum: REAL ID

- Virginians are now able to obtain through the local offices of the DMV a REAL ID that complies with federal regulations to prove their identity.
democrats republicans

Blogcast w/Chris Graham: Curious rush to judgment on Kavanaugh

- Republicans surely could have found any of a number of judges ready, willing and chomping at the bit to overturn Roe v. Wade, so why this insistence on Brett Kavanaugh?
donald trump

Blogcast w/Chris Graham: The Greatest Show on Earth

- Here’s the reason Donald Trump can mock Christine Blasey Ford and get away with it: because you let him.
emmett hanger

Emmett Hanger: REAL ID

- As of October you have the option to upgrade your Virginia driver's license or identification card to be federally REAL ID compliant. What does that mean for you?
andy schmookler

Andy Schmookler: Talk one way, walk the other

- People naturally prefer “wholeness” to “brokenness,” prefer an order that sustains and nurtures life to one that degrades it.
environment climate change

Earth Talk: Plastic in the ocean

- Plastic in the ocean is a big problem that first came to widespread public attention in the late 1980s when mariners began sharing reports of what turned out to be a 1.6 million square kilometer garbage patch floating in the middle of the North Pacific.
ken plum

Ken Plum: Celebrating with understanding

- Four hundred years ago next year will be the quadricentennial of important events happening in Virginia in 1619. Those events are not the rah-rah kind of happenings that are too often recognized with simple merriment.
democrats republicans

Blogcast w/Chris Graham: Chuck Grassley couldn’t run a fast-food joint

- Chuck Grassley hasn’t run anything other than a political campaign in his life. Which is probably a good thing. Dude wouldn’t be capable of running a shift at your local McDonald’s.

Blogcast w/Chris Graham: Bill of goods

- The seeds of our destruction were planted at the founding. Hard reality check, that one.
morgan griffith

Morgan Griffith: Cutting red tape

- Our part of Virginia understands the damage that can be inflicted by excessive regulation. The War on Coal was largely waged in this manner, as the Obama administration’s EPA imposed layers of rules providing no benefit to the environment but imposing massive new costs on the coal industry.