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Sam Ben-Meir: A new despotism in the era of surveillance capitalism

- There is a fascinating chapter toward the end of Alexis de Toqueville’s Democracy in America titled “What Kind of Despotism Do Democratic Nations Have to Fear?”
Kihei Clark

UVA Basketball: Has Kihei Clark jumped the shark?

- Two very odd statlines for UVA freshman guard Kihei Clark the past two Big Mondays.
Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar is wrong on Medicare for All

- There’s a lot to be upset at Amy Klobuchar for. Add her nonsense thoughts on Medicare for All to the list.
morgan griffith

Morgan Griffith: Anti-Semitism has no place in America

- I have been discouraged by an increase in anti-Semitism during recent months. The most horrifying example was the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh last October, but anti-Semitic rhetoric has also become more commonplace in public life.
morgan griffith

Morgan Griffith: Border wall emergency

- President Trump recently declared a national emergency on the southern border. This step will allow him to use funds for building physical barriers. He is right to use this authority granted by Congress in the 1976 National Emergencies Act in this way.


augusta free press


creigh deeds

Creigh Deeds: Final week of 2019 General Assembly

- Only one week remains of the 2019 Session the General Assembly. Bills are being heard and meeting their fates at an ever quicker pace. Multiple meetings are scheduled at the same time.
environment climate change

Earth Talk: Less fish in the ocean?

- Environmental advocates do spend a lot of time harping about threats to our oceans, but sadly for all of us the facts bear out the concern.
alon ben meir

Alon Ben-Meir: Sacrificing greatness for personal ambition

- Over the past year, I had the opportunity to speak to many Turkish scholars and former government officials, the majority of whom left your country because they feared for their lives and their loved ones.
dairy industry

Unnecessary trade war risks irreparably damaging U.S. dairy industry

- Mexico imports nearly a quarter of the U.S. dairy industry’s exports annually. It’s a critical $1.4 billion marketplace. And it’s one that President Trump continues to risk damaging permanently — and unnecessarily.
deer hunters

Should deer hunters worry about CWD?

- Recently, hunters in Virginia may have been alarmed to hear 28 deer tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease. Hunters worry that it will reduce game populations and hunting opportunities.


augusta free press


waynesboro panhandler sign

Road signs in Waynesboro discouraging money to panhandlers

- Signs up now at intersections across Waynesboro are discouraging motorists from giving money to people standing in highway medians.
ken plum

Ken Plum: Staying on task

- Despite all the distraction associated with events in Richmond these days, the General Assembly is staying on task dealing with legislative and budgetary issues it faces.
democrats republicans

Democrats: Not standing for something, falling for everything

- Another brainfart article about what Democrats should do inserted itself into my newsfeed this morning.
environment climate change

Earth Talk: Zero-waste grocery stores

- Zero-waste grocery stores are popping up in Europe where everything is sold in bulk and customers bring and fill up their own reusable containers and bags.
ralph northam

Ralph Northam: On the Road to Damascus?

- Ralph Northam appears to be interested in trying to turn the recent controversy over a blackface/KKK yearbook photo into a sort of Road to Damascus moment.


augusta free press


creigh deeds

Creigh Deeds: This week in Richmond

- A lot of turmoil has embroiled many of the top officials in Richmond over the past week.
virginia map

What if this Virginia political nonsense was by design?

- They’re not going to resign; they were never going to resign. That much is now obvious.
chris graham

My yearbook photo: Why I can’t be governor

- I wrote a column yesterday disqualifying everybody in Richmond from being able to serve as governor.
virginia logo

Where were all these people in blackface, KKK garb, growing up?

- I’m reading in national publications that blackface and KKK getups are apparently everywhere in Virginia, or was, or something.
democrats republicans

Democrats: We’re our own worst enemies

- Virginia Democrats are in a turmoil of their own making.