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mobile apps

New law will prohibit holding mobile device while driving

- Talking while driving is a dangerous endeavor that should not be attempted by anyone. It makes no difference whether the person is a doctor in a nursing uniform, a millionaire, or a homeless individual in tattered jeans and a tank top.

The ultimate guide to choose the apt fabric for your prom night

- Choosing the right fabric for your prom dress is as essential as choosing the dress style. The appropriate fabric adds unique definition to one’s outfit. If your choice of fabric goes wrong, the entire look gets messed up.
women’s basketball

A look at the history of UVA basketball

- The University of Virginia is represented in the ACC by the Virginia Cavaliers men's basketball team. Since the beginning of 2006, this team has played exclusively in the John Paul Jones Arena.
The True Costs of Relocating for a Job

The true costs of relocating for a job

- You should be familiar with the true costs of relocating for a job. In order to be prepared, you should make sure to collect as much information as possible. And nothing will surprise you. And we will help you with that right now.
europe travel

Top 10 things to do in Istanbul to make your trip memorable

- There are lots of things you can do in Istanbul whether you’re traveling alone or with your loved ones.


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What are the signs indicating it’s time to file for bankruptcy?

- Bankruptcy is frightening proposition. A lot of news about "bankruptcy" is seen on the media every now and then. You get to hear nightmare tales of solid business tycoons going bankrupt from an established state.

How to fix iTunes error 3194 when iTunes does not connect with an iPhone

- Are you facing a problem when iTunes is not detecting your iPhone? The reason could be that your iPhone might have run into the error 3194.

Understanding the simple strategies to earning bitcoin in 2019

- According to Google Trends, the search for knowledge about bitcoin rose sharply, in 2017 and 2018. Needless to ask, this sky-reaching statistics hinges on news from people about how bitcoin has been wonderful and has paid those who are involved.

Top 5 qualities of a good orthodontist

- Finding a good orthodontist can be a daunting task, especially for the first-timers. It is important to note that dentists are never created the same. So, when scouting for one, it is imperative to interview several of them before making a final decision.
Virginia Tech Startups

Top Virginia Tech startups to watch in 2019

- A startup is a business venture of certain founders or entrepreneurs, aiming to develop a repeatable and scalable business model. Although very alike, entrepreneurship and startups differ.


augusta free press



Alexis Assadi: How preferred returns can protect your investment

- Investors in any project can run the risk of dilution. Perhaps additional shareholders buy in, costs go higher than anticipated or management fees become excessive.
arizona vs virginia

U.S. states comparison: Arizona vs Virginia

- The following Arizona vs Virginia comparison might introduce you to the most important aspects of life in these two states and both the existing and expected trends in the current year.
Self-storage industry statistics

Self-storage industry statistics

- Self-storage industry statistics show that every 11th American uses the conveniences of self-storage. The vast use of storage space has made it widely popular and we can see that the industry is prone to expanding even more in years to come.

Why do people move to Virginia from other states?

- Why do people move to Virginia from other states? We did our best to provide an answer in the following few lines.

Coyotes spotted In Charlottesville

- According to recent reports from concerned residents, there may be a pack of wild coyotes roaming around the streets of downtown Charlottesville.


augusta free press


10 Interesting Moving Industry Statistics for 2019

10 interesting moving industry statistics for 2019

- Are you planning to move this year? Or any time soon? Perhaps you are thinking about going into the moving industry business? If you have answered any of these questions with a ''yes'', maybe it will be interesting for you to know about the moving industry statistics for this year.

What is ketosis, keto, exogenous ketones, MCT, BHB and ketogenic diet?

- Losing excess weight is a good way to avoid many major health issues such as diabetes, joint aches, and heart problems. There are several ways for you to shed excess body weight.

What to know about kratom capsules and how to stay best informed

- Kratom is a new and surprisingly widely used supplement that emerged on the scene in 2018.
social media presence

How small businesses can improve their social media presence

- Small business owners probably already know that social media is here and it is here to stay.

5 handy tips to effectively increase our IQ

- IQ stands for intelligence quotient that basically is the sum of scores derived from various tests and puzzles that are designed to know about human intelligence.