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Friends of Augusta endorses Kai Degner for Congress

kai degnerFriends of Augusta, a local pipeline opposition group, is formally endorsing Kai Degner, of Harrisonburg, for Congress in the Sixth District of Virginia.

Degner is running against Bob Goodlatte, who has been in office for 24 years and has taken over $53,000 from Dominion.  Goodlatte voted for the Keystone Pipeline and in 2015, Goodlatte voted to expedite American energy production, speeding up studies and assessments needed to make sure projects are done safely and are actually warranted.  Goodlatte has not been a strong advocate for affected landowners or concerned citizens.

Degner has officially come out against the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines, agreeing with many of us in the opposition that these projects will not create local jobs and that the pipeline will decrease property values.  Degner believes that eminent domain is wrong and unethical for a private, for-profit company to use and strongly supports personal property rights.

On Degner’s campaign website, he advocates for halting fracking and upgrading current infrastructure to meet energy needs while investing in renewables and alternative technology.  Kai Degner is honestly and genuinely concerned about the safety of the families, businesses and schools that will be within the blast or incineration zone of the proposed pipelines.  Degner thinks the risk of an explosion is too high to even consider supporting these pipelines.  He is concerned that the gas will ultimately be sent overseas and even if it’s not, the gas is only expected to last 10 to 20 years.

Degner does not support this high of a risk to our water, air and land for such a short energy return.  Vote no pipeline on November 8th and vote for Kai Degner for Congress.

Submitted by Jennifer Lewis, Friends of Augusta

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