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Free web hosting with Ucraft: Web setup just got easier

Don’t Just Dream About It-Live It

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Wouldn’t it be amazing, if instead of the cumbersome process of paying multiple channels to host your site, you could just get free web hosting? I know, what a dream. Well, dreams do come true with Ucraft who is revolutionizing the entire website building experience.

Sound good? It gets better. Ucraft offers free web hosting through the Google cloud. Everyone using Ucraft receives reliable hosting provided by Google, drag and drop website builder, FREE Ucraft subdomain, free and flawless designed templates, not to mention over twenty integrations that will leave your competition in the proverbial dust.

Let’s take a look at each of these features to really understand how Ucraft has changed the game:

Free Web Hosting

Typically when other sites offer you a free hosting option it’s through their own, often unreliable and precarious websites.  These hosting options can have serious issues, such as offline time, meaning your customers can’t purchase during these times as well as any tech issues their site experiences affects your service. Not so good, right? Ucraft, on the other hand, is offering FREE hosting through the Google cloud. As a global leader, Google is not only reliable but fully optimized to support you on and offline.

Ucraft has picked a perfect partner. What’s amazing is that they bring this service to you, for FREE!

More FREE Stuff from Ucraft

Speaking of pricing, Ucraft is the industry leader in the most for your money. It is incredible how much you can get from Ucraft between free web hosting, free subdomains, and free templates. At only $10 a month, you can sell up to 50 products, an excellent option for small business. Regardless of which package you choose, the most you will ever pay with Ucraft is an exceptional and accessible $39 a month!

Free Web Hosting with Ucraft on Every Plan

Regardless of which plan you choose, Ucraft will provide you with free web hosting! Here are some of the amazing features you can expect from each of the plans offered on Ucraft.

  • Free Plan-You get everything you need to start including Ucrafts’ incredible SEO app, Google analytics, and SSL security.
  • Go Pro-With this excellent plan, Ucraft offers free web hosting, favicon, google fonts, ability to embed three major code languages, HTML, CSS, and JS. Real-time tracking and more than seventy payment options. This option is perfect for SMBs and small e-commerce stores.

Need Something Bigger?

Pro Shop – Allows you to add one thousand products! Enjoy free web hosting via the Google cloud. This is a perfect plan for large online stores. Tax exemption, invoice editing and so much more will get your store from boring to everything!

Getting Started

Setup up your free subdomain, choose a template and get crafting. Need help? Utilize Ucrafts’ tips and advice provided by Ucraft and your community. Integrate SEO apps and meta tags for ultimate traffic. With no coding necessary and free web hosting, Ucraft is the industry leader for fully responsive and beautifully designed websites! Templates on Ucraft have all been carefully curated for a great selection of relevant and modern designs that are all ready to be integrated with your social media and drive traffic. You can even create your own online store and a multilingual site as well. My personal favorite feature is the Ucrafts’ logo maker. Also, completely free!


As you can see Ucraft is easy and streamlined. You don’t have to worry about a domain name or hosting with Ucraft. Leave that headache behind and instead put your mind where it matters-at optimizing your business for ultimate success!

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