Free Nelson highlights Dominion donation to Democratic Party

pipelineThe anti-pipeline group Free Nelson is highlighting a $100,000 political contribution from Dominion to the Democratic Party of Virginia.

“It seems the DPVA has allowed its need for money to become more important than the best interests of its membership and grassroots supporters,” said Marion Kanour, founder of Free Nelson, and a long-time Democrat.

The Virginia Public Access Project website details a $100,000 contribution from Dominion to the Democratic Party of Virginia dated June 14.

The VPAP site also lists a $25,000 contribution from Dominion to the party dated March 28.

Kapour raised issue with two resolutions opposing two proposed pipelines at the recent Sixth District Democratic Party convention that didn’t go to a vote.

“It is, perhaps, coincidental that resolutions against the proposed pipelines never made it to the floor of the Convention while, at the same time, Dominion is giving $100,000 donations to the DPVA,” Kapour said. “That coincidence makes us wonder about the possibility of a quid pro quo relationship between Dominion and the DPVA.”

Free Nelson is a signatory to the Open Letter to the Governor requesting he fulfill his promises to move Virginia to clean, renewable energy, and Kapour said the group will be participating in the March on the Mansion on July 23 in Richmond.

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