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Free data recovery software: Discover their pros and cons

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When it comes to using a data recovery software, most people don’t know the option to explore for maximum success. Of course, there are lots of software which have been designed to help carry out this purpose on the internet. While some are paid, others can be downloaded and installed without any charge.

It has been discovered that most people prefer using software that don’t have any charge. In case you have decided to explore such data recovery option, ensure to read this post. It will be revealing the pros and cons of a free data recovery software. The primary aim of this post is to help you make a smart decision about which software (paid or free) will be ideal for your data recovery exercise.

The pros

They are very fast

This is probably one of the most notable of advantages of free data recovery applications you will find on the internet. They are very fast when it comes to helping repair and recover lost data. Some of them can scan your entire system within few minutes. Most people believe that these software are not reliable in recovering data.

They have sophisticated features and functionalities like their paid counterparts. This makes the process of data recovery smooth and hassle-free. Some of them even allow the recovery of different file types without any complication. They may be free but offer great features like other paid versions.

Their cost-saving benefit

Are you having limited budget and can’t find any great paid data recovery software online? Do you know it is possible to download and install a reliable data recovery program without paying a single dime today? It is all about looking in the right direction. These software will help you save lots of money. Best of all is that they are very effective when it comes to data recovery.

There are paid data recovery programs which cost around $100 annually. Some even have monthly charges. The worst part is that there is no guarantee whether any of these paid tools can meet your needs without compromise. With a free tool, you will recover lost files today.

Highly reliable

This is another top benefit of free data recovery programs. Are you planning to recover music, video, documents, or photo files? They are almost limitless in terms of their features despite being free. Most of these software have been designed to recover files of various types without any limitation.

In case you have damaged or lost your files due to one reason or another, a free data recovery tool will be of great help. They can scan your hard drives for such files. There is absolutely no need trying to pay for a software to carry out such purpose.

The cons

Having seen the pros of what these applications can help you experience as explained above, it is important that you also discover their shortcomings. Below are some of their cons.

Their limitations

Do you know that these programs have some limitations in terms of features? For instance, paid software usually tend to offer users more as compared to free programs. There are paid software that can help you recover over 1000 file types. Free software for data recovery don’t have such flexibility.

In most cases, you will be allowed to recover a particular amount of data. There are some that can only enable you recover only 2GB-5GB of data. Paid data recovery programs on the other hand, gives you the chance to recover unlimited amount of data/files.

The danger of losing your files

This is another aspect or area that makes free data recovery programs very dangerous to make use of. There is no guarantee about the condition of your files after they have been recovered. There are even cases whereby users have reported their files to be permanently damaged. The truth is that most of the free programs on the internet are very dangerous use.

This is because they can complicate matters for you. Permanent data loss can occur once you don’t understand how to make use of their features. Most of these software (free versions) are not user-friendly. Sometimes, you may get access to very limited support on how they can be used.

Security threats

This is probably one problem you have to consider seriously before reaching a decision about whether you would want to download and install a data recovery software free of charge. Unlike paid data recovery programs which are encrypted, free software are open source.

This can expose your system to hackers which is dangerous. Your privacy and security can be easily compromised through some of these software. Furthermore, some can cause bug issues due to lack of regular updates.

Final words

Free data recovery programs usually have advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you don’t just consider the latter but both. This will help you reach a better decision about whether to explore paid options or not.

Story by Bryant Wang 

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