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Free car removal: How it works in Australia

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When people discard an old or unwanted vehicle, they rarely think about selling it to a private buyer. Instead, they rely on the services of car removal companies to get rid of the trouble that is taking up space inside their garage.

Car removal companies are all the craze right now because they can give you instant money for your scrap of a car, even if it has lost its resale value in the market. So if you have a scrap car lying around or urgently need a considerable amount of money, you can now consider car removal as one of your options.

What is a car removal service?

Car removal services can collect, tow, and recycle unwanted cars in exchange for cash. For example, when you have a broken down and forgotten vehicle, it will only deteriorate, thus becoming more unlikely to function. Car removal services can tow your truck to wrecking yards where the scrap metal will be recycled.

If the car is still in working condition, the company will resell it. Companies that offer removals can pay owners a significant amount of money for getting their cars removed.

You don’t even have to spend on towing because car removal services offer it free of charge.

Why is getting a car removal service beneficial for you?

There are many benefits that you can get from paying for car removal.

  • It is fast and convenient. With car removal, you don’t even have to go outside your home. Instead, you can contact the company, and they will do the removal for you.
  • It’s cost-efficient. Car removal companies don’t charge you for towage fees. So, you don’t have to spend additional money on transporting it to the wreckage yard.
  • You can get instant cash for your cars. For example, when you request a scrap car pickup, the driver who will inspect your vehicle will arrive where your car is and pay you the amount they quoted for you. You don’t have to go to their office, take a cheque to the bank, and wait a few days to cash out your money.
  • Its environmental-friendly. Car removal services resort to eco-friendly methods in getting rid of your car. If they can still repair your vehicle, then they will sell it. If the car is beyond repair, they will wreck and recycle the scrap metals they get from it.

What type of cars can be removed?

Car removal services don’t have specific brands or models that they are looking for. They don’t require the vehicle to be in a particular condition either. Even if your car is already wrecked, they can still remove it for you. You don’t have to do any repairs as car removers will take it in any condition.

  • Junk cars. Rather than spending money on insurance for a vehicle that isn’t usable, take it to a car removal company to get a quick buck from it.
  • Scrap cars. For cars that are already rusty, they still have some value. Car removal services will wreck and recycle them into scrap metal.
  • Damaged vehicles. Cars that have were in major accidents can be removed as well. Car removers have car wrecking yards where they can take your damaged vehicle, so you are not troubled with having it repaired.
  • Old cars. If you have been keeping an old car in your yard or garage, then maybe it’s time to have it removed so that you can get some cash for it. Clearing that garage and getting instant money is a win for you.

When should you contact a car removal service?

Car removal services are needed when:

  • You need cash; car removal is the quickest way on how you can make a quick buck.
  • You need to clear your garage of anything not of use anymore. For example, if your car is beyond repair and cannot be used, you should declutter and make some space that you should be using for your working vehicle.
  • You need a convenient way of disposing of an old, rusty, and unusable; car removal is the best way to go.

How does car removal work?

Step 1: Contact the car removal company to get a quote

You should contact your local car removal services first and fill out a form to request your car to get picked up. You can reach a car removal company via their website, email them, or call them using the numbers posted on their website. The company will call you back with a quote on the price of the car that you will have removed.

Step 2: Pickup

The company will send someone with a truck from their office to inspect your car in person. If you can file your request in the morning, then the car removal company will take care of the vehicle on the same day.

Step 3: Get paid

After the car remover inspects and evaluates your car, they will pay you in cash before taking the car for wrecking.

What happens after they take my car?

After collecting your vehicle, they will take your car to a wrecking yard if its condition is beyond repair. Professionals will dismantle and segregate each part as either in working condition or not. Non-working parts are sold as scrap metal to dealers. Fluids that come out of your car are properly disposed of not to harm the environment.

Why do car removal companies offer a reasonable price for your car?

Many people are curious as to why car removal companies can offer good prices for scrap or junk cars. It is because the price they offer to you includes the recycle value of the vehicle.

Aside from getting an excellent price for your damaged car, you also gain a hassle-free experience of having to dispose of the vehicle. Finding a private buyer is a problem for most people, and car removal services can relieve you of that burden by taking care of the problem for you.


Car removal service is the perfect solution for your car that’s been sitting in your garage, rusting and collecting dust. Rather than getting it repaired or scrapping it yourself, why not hire the services of professionals who can get the job done, and you can get paid instantly for it as well.

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