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Frank Roach DDS discusses 13 new dental products your practice should have

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Dental science is evolving constantly. New procedures and materials are available to dentists each year. Dentists need to stay on top of these trends to provide the best possible service to their patients. Frank Roach DDS, an Atlanta dentist with over 20 years of experience, offers some of the newest products and services that your dental practice should offer.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are more efficient than traditional film X-rays. When taking a digital X-ray, you will be able to save time while exposing your patient to lower levels of radiation.

Digital X-rays are useful for more purposes than simply finding cavities. They can also help to look at the jaw bone beneath the teeth and find out whether it is strong. Dentists use X-rays to check the placement of teeth and decide whether orthodontic care or wisdom tooth removal may be required.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers can provide faster and less painful methods of drilling into a tooth or adjusting the gumline. Patients appreciate laser dentistry because it results in shorter treatment times and faster recovery. Dentists can use less anesthetic as well.

CAD/CAM Technology

Computer-assisted design and manufacturing systems can speed up dental procedures like making crowns. Generally, crowns need to be made outside the office, but with this system, a crown can be precisely engineered and applied in the office. This means that patients do not have to deal with temporary crowns, which often fall off, and that they can have their full restoration done more quickly.

New Gum Disease Treatments

The treatment of periodontal disease has significantly advanced over the past ten years. In recent years, gum disease treatment has expanded beyond simply reducing the pockets between the teeth and gums and removing the bacteria. Today, lasers, bone grafts, and tissue-stimulating proteins are used.

Canary System

The Canary System from the company Quantum Dental Technologies will identify carious lesions 5 millimeters below the tooth surface. It can detect lesions that are as narrow as 50 microns.

This equipment involves a handheld laser that produces a pulsating, low-powered light. The Canary System collects data from the light that reveals signals of luminescence and heat. This means that dental cavities can be caught and treated much sooner than with traditional X-rays, allowing patients’ teeth to be damaged less over time.


The EndoSequence is made by Brasseler USA. This system is meant to enhance your endodontic procedures and make them more efficient. This system can create stronger root repairs and make teeth as resistant to breakage as those which have not received root canals. Endodontists who use this new system are more likely to have successful procedures that are shorter and less painful for the patient, providing shorter recovery times as well.

Visalys Temp

This material is engineered for temporary crowns and bridges. Temporary features made with Visalys Temp are much less likely to break than ordinary temporary crowns and bridges. This method can be used for long-term temporary restoration. It is made by Kettenbach.

Mobile Office Management

Curve Dental is providing a service that integrates Apple and Android smartphones with the electronic scheduling system in your office. This means that dentists or other professionals can easily add, delete, or change appointments without accessing a computer. This can help dentists stay in touch with their practices when they are not in the office.

Steriplex SD

Dr. Frank Roach suggests that all dentists need to look into the sterilizing protocols in their office. This disinfecting solution is crucial today, when all dentists and patients are concerned with safety. It can be used in wipe format all over the office, and is also safe to disinfect children’s toys in the waiting room.

Dentrix Ascend

This is a web-based product that helps you manage your treatment plans for each patient. This technology allows dentists to keep track of all of the steps they must follow for each patient. It has the advantage of working on Mac, PC, and tablets.

i-CAT Flex

This CAT scan has incredible detail and clarity. It also provides 3-D imaging at a lower dose of radiation that is lower than a traditional 2-D scan. You are able to target the precise areas you need to see using nine different field-of-view options.

EasyThread Floss

This floss by Sunstar Americas is easily measured out. It is less likely to irritate inflamed periodontal tissue but it is strong enough to give easy access to difficult-to-reach areas.

PreviDent 5000 Booster Plus

This home fluoride therapy toothpaste is meant for high-risk dental cavity patients. This toothpaste changes the pH in the mouth to promote remineralization.

Dental Technology is Advancing

Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta suggests that all dentists take a close look at the newest technology that is available for their practices. When dentists keep up with the newest trends, they will be able to compete in the marketplace and will have happier patients. Frank Roach DDS hopes that dentists at all levels of their career are keeping up with the newest treatments.

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