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Four WordPress plugins that could supercharge your business site overnight

business siteBuilding a site that actually makes money seems like a daunting feat, doesn’t it? Regardless, savvy entrepreneurs are making it happen day after day.

Given that businesses can be built through consistent blogging alone, we understand that building a website that’s supercharged to sell is more than possible. However, having the right tools on deck may be your key to making sure that your site’s existing visitors are tempted to buy versus bouncing when they land on your product pages.

Considering that WordPress is the undisputed king of the blogosphere, it’s no surprise that the web’s number one blogging platform boasts a number of plug-ins to help your sales climb to that proverbial next level.

Whether you have an existing blog but are toying with the idea of selling your own products or you simply want to make sure that your ecommerce site is up to snuff, take a look at the following plug-ins which may potentially transform your site’s selling potential.

Obviously you need a ecommerce platform integrated on-site to make sales happen: the battle often comes down between WooCommerce and Shopify as the web’s most popular platforms. So, which one is right for your business?



Statistically, WooCommerce has a slight edge on Shopify in terms of its user-base. Given its ease of integration and multitude of extensions, it’s no secret as to why, including the plugin’s combination of the following:

  • Ability to sell both digital and physical products
  • Integrate affiliate programs, making the platform ideal for affiliate marketers
  • An attractive variety of themes tailored for particular niches



On the flip side, what does Shopify have to offer ecommerce newbies? Shopify is marketed toward beginners and is prime for social sharing, given its straightforward integration with Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Ease of use is Shopify’s selling point: therefore, your choice of platform may very well depend on your level of experience selling online and you’re willingness to learn something new.

Meanwhile, there are supplemental plugins and extensions you can integrate into your site and store to maximize your potential for traffic and sales.



Email marketing is the bread and butter of many businesses online Given the relatively cheap cost-per-message, email marketing platforms such as MailChimp represent a cost effective means of building a list of dedicated customers. Having visitors opt-in to your email list is incredibly valuable for your site as it allows to to the following:

  • Identify warm leads who are interested in what you’re saying and selling
  • Opportunities to test new offers and deals
  • The ability to receive detailed feedback on your brand and products

The fact remains: if you aren’t building your list, chances are you’re leaving money on the table.



Likewise, effectively selling online requires an aggressive strategy when it comes to getting your products in front of as many users as possible. Platforms such as ReferralCandy make it quick and easy to encourage the sharing and boosting of your products in exchange for deals and discounts. The more buyers you have singing your praises, the more potential you have to grow.

With the right tools on deck, you can sell just about anything online. Experiment with different plug ins as means of supercharging your site and building a business that stands the test of time.

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