Four ways to increase brand presence and reach

In a world where it has become so easy to monitor conversions using tools like Google Analytics, it’s not difficult to understand how marketers lose track of the importance of branding. When talking about digital marketing, many people will think of search engine optimization and social media marketing. But taking a more comprehensive approach is a must, ensuring that all strategies you use work toward the common goal of increasing your brand presence and reach. The following are powerful ways to help you become a trusted brand in your industry, enabling you to generate more targeted customers.


Content Marketing

Countless algorithm changes to Google, Facebook, and other online marketing platforms have been introduced over the years, yet content still sits comfortably asking that rules the digital marketing realm. Without effective content, you will never be able to have anything to rank on Google, boost your social media fans, and beat the competition. Take a quick look at the most well-known brands and you’ll see that they have tons of engaging and authoritative content. You need to offer valuable content for your audience. Failing to do so means failing to earn their trust as well.


Virtual Phone Number

It’s crazy how some marketers have totally ignored the value of traditional marketing techniques. A prime example is the use of a dedicated business line. There’s a reason why Google considers your business name, address and phone number as “trust” signals. And if you want to increase your reach, don’t forget that a virtual phone number can be the solution you need. If your office is located in London but you want to target potential customers in Birmingham, then using a Birmingham phone number makes you appear as if you’re a local provider, making it more likely for local customers to put you on their shortlist.


Guest Blogging

This strategy isn’t new, but it remains an effective way of promoting your brand to a wide range of targeted customers. Many online marketers have shied away from guest blogging, especially after Google announced that links from guest posts no longer carry immense value. But why worry about links too much? The only time you should worry is when your guest posts are meant purely for increasing the number of links pointing to your web pages. If your posts offer real value to readers, then there’s nothing to worry about at all. The key is in finding highly relevant websites that attract the same audience as your business.


Display Advertising

Who clicks on display ads these days? This is a question you’ve probably asked yourself at one point or another. It’s no surprise that many online users ignore display ads. Some even use ad blockers to avoid seeing them. CPM rates are also on the rise. But despite these issues, display advertising can still work wonders in terms of branding. Again, your goal should be to find websites whose audience is likely to get interested in what you have to offer. Claiming ad spots on these websites can bring immense value to your branding campaign.


When It Comes to Branding, Think Long-Term

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are so attractive to marketers primarily because they are easy to keep track of using innovative analytics tools. But instead of always thinking short-term, consider the long-term efforts you should put into branding. The stronger your brand is, the stronger the changes of driving targeted customers. It’s a powerful asset well worth your time and effort.


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