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Four ideas for family, fun and fishing in 2021

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Have you been feeling bored lately and daydreaming about those days before the pandemic when you enjoyed thrilling family fun fishing trips? With the pandemic enveloping the globe, nearly everyone is stranded at the safety of their homes while they practice social distancing.

You cannot help yourself but reminisce about those spring and summer offshore fishing trips when everything was fun and you had nothing to worry about except catching fish. Well. You don’t have to take things so seriously and still come up with unique fishing family fun even during the pandemic. Don’t believe us? Just read on to get a better understanding of what we are talking about.

Despite the pandemic, the offshore fishing destination of Florida Keys Fishing is still something you can totally enjoy while you ride on the Blackfin and let the mild breeze rustle through you. The below-given four ideas will be your all-time favorites when it comes to the three Fs of Family, Fishing, and Fun.

Plan a virtual fishing competition

Understandably, many of us are still required to practice social distancing. However, this should be no reason to let go of family fun fishing trips. What we want to say is that you can still organize a virtual fishing competition for your family and friends instead of letting the monotony of isolation take you over.

Let each family/ friend pick up their favorite go-to fishing spot. You could also go to the same fishing spot but maintain plenty of space in-between for safety reasons. Keep track of scores while each of the competing groups tries to get the bigger catch. Don’t forget to fix a reward that the winning team will get at the end of the day.

Construct a family fishing boat

If you cannot physically go on offshore fishing trips, you can also make effective use of time and polish your fishing skills meanwhile. While planning for the next fishing event, you can construct your family fishing boat that you have always dreamed about.

Many people have used the pandemic as a creative time to invest in their long-time dreamed-about DIY home renovation and construction projects. That said, you could utilize the time and come up with your perfect version of the Blackfin. What is even better is that you can ask friends and family to work on their DIY fishing boat projects and incorporate innovative features for their fishing boats.

You never know – your DIY fishing boat project could actually turn out that good and become an essential journey of the much-anticipated boat ownership!

Explore new shores

Make this summer the best time to explore new fishing spots and localities, such as coastal spots and your regional lakes. Take your kids with you while you explore hidden holes for fishing that you might have glossed over in the past. You can also take the time to explore the perfect angling spots and opportunities in your own backyard by experimenting with new fishing styles. You can find plenty of fishing styles and tricks on the blog of Captain Rich Smith.

Hold a cooking competition that includes fish

How can you catch fish and not cook it? Suppose you have caught Mahi-Mahi, the lean white fish that can be commonly caught during offshore fishing. Roll up your sleeves and take it as an opportunity to treat your family and friends to a delicious fish dinner meal. Trust there is nothing better than freshly-caught and cooked fish. There is a wide variety of dishes to choose from – you could go for fried finger fish to fish soup and grilled fish. To add a touch of the tropical resort to the dinner, play some music in the background while enjoying the delicious meals.

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