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Football is always present

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Only a few sports have developed into the great classics. Football (soccer) is one of the most popular sports and it’s hard to imagine life without it. The popularity is always recognizable. Beginning with the media, the ball is always a theme when games take place. The permanent presence at world championships and European championships are further signs of this. Not to forget the sports facilities in small and large communities. Here, too, the ball is always the first choice.

Football in cinema films

If sport is a topic, it is not seldom football. This can be seen, for example, in films such as Kick it like Beckham. This is a well-known example of how the ball makes its way into cinemas. It’s not always a minor issue, as you can see in this film. The film describes the interplay between preference and family. It shows that people should be loved and respected as they are and should not pretend to be. The love of sport can be seen in all films. The elements can be combined in very different ways to find joy in sport. This can be experienced on a site like in a different way.

Professional football is filmed

Especially around the time of the World Championships and European Championships, the demand for work dealing with this sport is increasing. The presentation can be very different. This can be seen in films such as Das Wunder von Bern. Here not only a game is taken up, but also the course and luck of a team. In German cinemas there are primarily films that deal with the German teams. Nevertheless, other teams are not excluded either. In addition to reenacting well-known scenes from the games, the films about professional footballers cannot and should not be dispensed with. Real recordings of the matches are integrated into the films. The differences are big, the contents are as different as they are similar.

Stories around the ball

When it comes to this sport, it doesn’t always have to be professional football. They can also be free stories that bring the sport, the players and the private scenarios closer together. The decisive factor here is that the viewer gets involved with the films. The scenes can be as funny and touching as they are sad and appealing. An essential element is the fun of the game, which everyone can feel and experience in sport. The round black and white ball is a sign of team spirit, which can be learned and trained. The team spirit can be seen and experienced while watching the movies. The stories can refer to all age groups.

Symbol of friendship and team spirit

Since football is a team sport, good cohesion and trust are important. There should never be differences between the players, as these can have a negative effect on the course of the game. This means that you can train on cohesion from a very early age. While it is initially practiced playfully, there are differences in the tournaments. It is not unusual for friendships to develop that last beyond the training sessions. These friendships can be experienced for example with the wild guys. The film consists of several parts. Here you can take part in the life of the characters. While in the beginning they are children, over the years they grow into teenagers and young adults. The wishes, needs and desires change accordingly. The rivalries with the friends and other figures are always carried out in the form of a game. The rules are changed according to age. The same applies to the stakes, which change from part to part. Another friendship and rivalry can be seen at FC Venus. Here the women play against the men. The interesting thing about this story is the friendship within the sexes and the fact that there are eleven couples.

Ambition on the screen

To progress in sport, there must be a great deal of ambition. This can be seen in many films and often in the individual scenes. The desire to win and the fight are essential elements that are expressed in all films. Ambition is usually easy to recognize. The expression of history is a part of it that shows that under certain circumstances you have to react determinedly and powerfully. This ambition can radiate to the audience and make them think. The more one fights for something that can be important personally or for everyone, the more compassion is developed. The psychological effects can be used to better express the content of the films.

Recognize trends and go with them

The football films are very different. The change of time is taken into account, not only in people, but also in entertainment. While football is always very similar, there are considerable differences when it comes to history in the background. From love to fraud, everything is on offer. Accordingly, such entertainment is never boring. In order to take personal tastes and preferences into account, the background story can be decisive in the selection. The trends show two very different directions. While some films are primarily concerned with football and the game, sport can also be secondary. A perfect balance can only be seen in a few films. Therefore everyone has to decide for himself whether the sport should be in the foreground or in the background.

Cartoon and animation offered

These types of films are not only offered in real film adaptations. The offer is extended by animated films and the like. These are suitable for all age groups and express the content in a playful way. However, this offer is limited. When watching the films, you can usually see that sport is secondary and yet an important component.

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