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There’s a big, digital world out there for conservatives to win

By Andy Yates

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We’ve all been there. Whether you’re working on a big statewide race, a campaign consultant with multiple clients, a candidate for local office or a conservative activist trying to promote a post for your Republican Women’s Club – every one of us has had digital ads rejected by the liberal big tech giants just because the ads espouse a conservative viewpoint. It’s getting worse every day with more and more ads rejected for no real reason.

The latest censorship news has been primarily on the Facebook front with the recent announcement that users will be able to block political ads. Many conservative campaigns, candidates and activists are worried to death about this.  That’s because many conservatives believe – or are told to believe –that the only digital advertising you need to do is boosting posts on Facebook.

That’s a terrible idea. It’s as bad as running TV spots on one, single channel and calling it a TV strategy. No-one would believe this would reach your voters – so why would running Facebook ads alone meandigital is covered?

Before Conservatives lose too much sleep about Biden’s demands for Facebook to censor GOP ads and Zuckerberg’s threats to ban political ads completely we should remember that FB is just one, single platform. There’s a huge digital world out there. Facebook is just one part of it.If you’re not logged on to FB on your computer or have the FB app open on your cell phone then you don’t see anyone’s ads anyway.

A true, digital strategy for conservatives must start with the fact that most American’s principal device of choice today is their cell phone. Most folks have 80 or more apps on their phone that carry advertising: Facebook is just one of them. 65 percent of us have game apps, and the average number of social media accounts per American is eight. Put all this together and you see the futility of focusing so heavily on just one, single, Big Tech Silicon Valley Liberal platform at all.

This makes it critical for GOP candidates and conservative campaigns to deliver an immersive digital advertising experience to voters: one that delivers targeted, tailored messages they see across all the apps they use on their phone or tablet, the websites they visit whether on a computer or mobile device, and when they are watching streaming video on any internet-connected device including their TV.

Of course, content is still king.  You must have crisp, compelling ads that hit just the right tone with the voters you are trying to reach. Then you have to create those ads in all of the required sizes and formats to meet the specifications of the advertising networks.

And then there’s your voter data. Individual candidates’ and campaigns’ data they themselves have gathered along with data from GOP Data Trust and respected third-party data vendors are an integral part of knowing which voters to target with what message. That information is priceless – and must be integrated into any digital campaign.

Finally, because of the efforts of the liberal big tech giants to censor the right, it must include a plan for what to do to avoid getting censored or de-platformed by the likes of Facebook and Google, and a plan for what to do in case the boogeyman does try to censor your ad.

Merge all these elements into one and you have a truly immersive digital strategy that reaches the right people, at the right time, in the right place, with the right information.

Sounds complicated? For big, blockbuster campaigns, with dozens of campaign offices and hundreds of staff, using multiple cutting-edge digital targeting techniques is not only a no-brainer to get ahead of the competition – it’s the only game in town to get ahead of the competition. It’s also a task that requires many hours of work and causes lots of headaches.

For state legislative campaigns, down-ballot candidates, local parties and grassroots groups, developing a digital strategy, designing ads, and buying them through multiple sites and platforms seems like a daunting task, a practical impossibility.

Want some good news? It doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

We have spent the last two years road testing, working this out, falling back and picking ourselves up again, in order to design a self-service platform where all of this is combined in once place where you may place all of your ads in one single ad buy and even design your ads using our creative builder – and which any Republican and conservative campaign big or small can use. A single platform that – if you know how to use a computer or a cell phone – you will be able to use too.

Want the best news?  It’s a free speech platform built by conservatives for conservative campaigns!  We won’t be censoring you, de-platforming you or shutting free speech out.

You thought empowering conservatives to bypass Liberal Big Tech wasn’t going to be easy? You were right, but times have changed. It’s easy now. Welcome to

Andy Yates is a GOP political consultant based in North Carolina and a founding director of

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