FMS pays homage to veterans

Veterans serving in war, serving in peace, all have made America safe.

“The peacetime veteran serves to deter aggression, a role as important as the combat veteran’s sacrifices in fighting aggression,” said Cadet Lt. Col. Jeeyhung Jung, the battalion commander of the Fishburne Military School Corps of Cadets, at the school’s Founders Day/Veterans Day ceremony on Friday.

The event marked both the national holiday honoring military-service veterans and FMS founder James A. Fishburne, who passed away on Nov. 11, 1921, his last conscious utterance being a prayer for “my boys.”

Cadets paid homage to Professor Fishburne and to veterans among its alumni who gave their lives in defense of their country. They were joined in that activity by Blake C. Ortner of the Virginia Army National Guard.

“Today, we recognize those who have made this country what it is, and have guaranteed the freedoms that make this nation strong,” said Col. Ortner, who delivered the keynote address at the ceremony.

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