Five tips for successfully navigating a divorce

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Ending a marriage is a trying and arduous time for everyone involved. Whether you have been separated for years, or have found yourself in need of a divorce settlement only recently, the emotional and physical upheaval of beginning a new chapter in your life is rarely a simple process.

Read our five tips for ensuring that you make the experience as manageable as possible for yourself, and for your family.

Don’t Aim for Emotional Victory

Though they may never be a walk in the park, the simplest and easiest of divorces are handled pragmatically, with both parties focusing on the practical aspects, rather than any residual negative emotions they feel toward one another.

‘Unreasonable behavior’ accounted for more than 46% of divorces granted in 2018, which makes it quite likely that some of the more sensitive aspects of your married life may prove relevant to the proceedings, but be mindful to create a clear division between what is relevant to your divorce, and what should be reserved for therapy.

Understand How to Get a Divorce, Rather than a Separation

In the UK, there are a limited number of reasons, or ‘facts’, which can be stated as justification for a divorce: adultery, unreasonable behavior (such as abuse or drunkenness), desertion, or a prolonged separation of more than two years (with your spouse’s agreement), or more than five years (without your spouse’s agreement).

If one or more of these reasons are given, then this is considered proof of the marriage having “permanently broken down”; without this proof, you cannot be granted a divorce, and you will need to remain legally separated until the marriage can be considered irredeemable.

Find a Local Solicitor With a Reputation for Family Law

Very few people are familiar enough with the topic of divorce to navigate their way through their own, and a solicitor with plenty of experience in family law will provide invaluable support, guidance, and forethought from start to finish. This is an emotionally taxing time, and balancing disputes over finances, assets, child custody and relocation, in addition to protecting your children’s wellbeing, typically proves too much to take on without the right family law advice.

Make sure that you reach out to law firms local to your area. If you are currently living in the Cotswolds, then search for Cheltenham divorce lawyers; that way, you can meet face to face to discuss the details of your case.

Focus on Helping Your Children Through the Situation

Divorce is an incredibly difficult concept for your children to swallow, and whether they are very young, or heading into their late teens, measured honesty is the best policy. Talk openly with them, but never use it as an excuse to cast the other parent in a bad light; while friends and adult family members may choose to side with either one of you, it is unreasonable to ask the same from your children.

Maintain your usual, day-to-day routine as much as possible, keep all discussions about custody and finances behind closed doors, and ensure your children always have the opportunity to talk to you when they need it.

Talk Candidly About Your Finances

When it comes to discussions about money, investments and bills, it is always best to wait until you are with your solicitors. Around 20% of divorced people claimed that financial worries were the greatest cause of friction within their marriage. Knowing this, it is no wonder that finances have the potential to derail an otherwise amicable divorce. Unfortunately, these discussions are unavoidable.

Ask a lawyer to sit-in on these meetings will grant you access to the best family law advice, and keep the discussion — and settlement — from turning sour.

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