Five steps to designing an effective pop up banner

Pop up banners can be really effective marketing tools when they are designed right. When you have a well-designed roller banner or pop up banner you benefit from an economical form of marketing and a very eye-catching one. But when a pop up banner is designed poorly it can be an unfortunate waste of cash.

There are many reasons for designing a pop up banner, from promoting an event to designing a set of pop up banners that work together to introduce a new product line. But whatever the reason, a banner should be designed with the following steps in mind:


1. Understand Your Purpose

The purpose of the banner will affect how it is designed. For example, if you are showcasing a new product then a large photo of the product will need to be the most prominent feature on the banner. If the banner is for signage then you obviously need to pay greater attention to directions and other essential information.


2. Know Your Location

Next you need to understand where your pop up banner is going to be displayed. It is most important that you understand the areas on the banner that will be hidden by a display table or other object. If your banner will not be completely visible then you can design the bottom half with background images, while the top half will contain the essential information.


3. Decide the Style of the Banner

Do you want your pop up banner to be upbeat and lively, creating a dynamic effect? Or do you want it to be purely informational and able to convey essential facts? Your design will be based on your style. The colours you use and the images you choose will reflect the style you want to portray.


4. Consider Size and Scale

Once you have an idea of the style of your banner, the purpose, and the location, you can work out how big you need the lettering to be and how large the images. It is important to remember that small text will not work on a banner that is read from far away. You need to strike a balance between being able to include all your essential information and designing the banner in a way that it can be read.


5. Look at White Space

Once you have your essential information and you have sized it correctly, take a look at the banner from a distance and notice how effective it is. If it looks too cluttered and there is not a lot of white space you may have to remove some information or resize the images. White space helps the viewer focus and it also draws attention to your main ideas.

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