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First date tips for guys: How to make your first date unforgettable 

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What do women want? That`s a rhetorical question that all men ask once in a while. When we try to attract a woman and ask her on a date, we want this date to be the best to score the second one. No matter whether you are looking for a serious relationship or for casual meetings (in this case, you can find the right woman at specific resources like the one observed in a snapsext review): your date should become unforgettable to let you count on something more. In this guide, we will talk about key things women expect from men on the first date and helpful insights on how to make the best first impression.

Top recommendations for a perfect first date

There are certain things that you should and shouldn`t do on the first date. For example, you should never talk about your ex: this rule is obvious, but nevertheless, some guys still break it. You also shouldn`t ask stupid, awkward questions or get drunk: these rules are also quite standard. But what should you do in order to make the first date really unforgettable for a woman you like and set up another one? We have interviewed different girls and women from all over the US, asking them how they imagine their perfect first date, and we received the following suggestions:

  1. Be normal

This tip may sound a bit confusing, but girls mention it as one of the important things. What they mean: be yourself and don`t try to look better than you are. Even if you don`t have much money or your interests don`t match the hobbies of the girl, just be a normal (and not weird) human being. That is, you shouldn`t ask creepy questions or detailed information about her ex-boyfriend, show off with your talents or surprise her with magic tricks.

  1. Show up on time

Remember that a woman can be late for a date, and it`s natural, but if you are late, it shows that a date with this woman is not that important for you, not your priority, and you don`t care much. She can think that you are just a jerk that blows her off and leave before you finally appear. Of course, there can happen unforeseen circumstances that can be completely understood, but in this case, it`s better to let her know in advance.

  1. Dress well

We bet you know how carefully women prepare for a date: hair, makeup, manicure, dress, perfume, and many other things that make her look wonderful. Dressing up well, a woman also expects her date to match her, and if you show up in a crumpled T-shirt with your hair not being washed for weeks, it can ruin everything. It doesn`t mean you should wear the tuxedo, but taking a shower, cleaning up your beard, and wearing simple but good clothes is a must.

  1. Plan your date

For many guys, it`s quite difficult to decide what to do and where to go on the first date. There are many options, some of them are both good and cheap, but you have to plan everything in advance and not improvise. If you go to the café, book a table in advance. If you want to see a movie, make sure you can buy tickets. Planning at the last minute is unacceptable if you want to avoid awkward situations. Arrange a meal and some activities that are based on your common interests, and don`t forget to let her in on your plan barely.

  1. Start a conversation

Even the best-planned date can turn into a disaster without a good talk. After all, the key goal of the first date is to get to know one another, and without talking, it can become a real challenge. Here is what you should remember:

  • Don`t talk about yourself only;
  • Don`t be grumpy and smile to her;
  • Ask her questions, but they shouldn`t be too personal;
  • Prepare some neutral questions and conversation starters;
  • Make compliments that look natural.
  1. Kiss her

It`s up to you to decide whether you should kiss her, but if the date went well and you had fun, why not finish it with a good sweet kiss? If the woman liked you, she would expect you to kiss her, and it will be a perfect way to end your first date.

  1. Ask for a second date

You have probably heard about the rule of three days when you should not call or message a woman at least this period of time before you ask her out again. However, many women consider this rule absolutely ridiculous, and they only start worrying if the guy doesn`t call thinking about the worst. If you like a woman, don`t hesitate at least to leave a hint that you would be happy to meet again.

Story by Tiffany Miles

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