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First coronavirus test in Augusta County: Negative, but

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A close friend – a participant in my wedding; that close – was among the first tested in Augusta County last week for possible exposure to coronavirus.

We kept up in regular contact as he waited for his results, which didn’t come nearly soon enough.

My guy, whom I’ve known almost literally all my life, was tested last Thursday, after coming down with the familiar symptoms – fatigue, shortness of breath.

He finally got the word on Tuesday: good news.


Why did it take so damn long, is my question?

So, OK, he’s going to make. He doesn’t have coronavirus.

And, he’s getting better.

I could cry, I’m so happy.

A couple of days ago, my friend was having trouble breathing, wearing a mask, and he was more worried, under quarantine, about his wife and their young son.

Now, we’re texting about New Japan Pro Wrestling, and matches that we’re catching up on from the past couple of months.

And to be totally transparent, no, I didn’t want to report about our area’s first coronavirus case and have it be my best friend since kindergarten.

But that said, not impressed.

That he took a test on Thursday, and that it took five full days for him to get the results.

What in the blue hell here?

We naively believe that we live in the best country in the world, and we can’t even get this basic thing right?

Fortunately, my guy is good, and he’s got paid sick leave at his job, so he could stay home and not have to worry about losing everything.

I’m still pissed off mad about his situation.

We’ve got to do better than this.

I’m trying not to get partisan here, but, there are so many missteps.

The people smart enough to know knew two months ago that this could be an issue.

Why is my guy waiting five days to find out his fate?

He could have been dead and buried waiting for his results.

There’s no sense in any of his shite.

People’s lives are at stake.

Are we seriously the Third World country we appear to be?

Story by Chris Graham

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