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FIOS Quantum Gateway router review

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Verizon FIOS is one of the top bundled packages in the US. Combining lightning fast internet speed, telephone, and television service at a reasonable price, it continues to be one of the more popular communication networks in the country with a number of subscribers that is seemingly on a continuous exponential growth.

While the internet speed that is delivered by fiber optic technology is great, there is one thing that can undo it and therefore compromise the quality of the services that are included in the package; the performance and capabilities of the router. With the constant improvement and innovation that these devices are subject to every year, your old router is not only weary from the extended use, but might actually be completely outdated when it comes to critical characteristics such as range and speed.

The FIOS Quantum Gateway router is a substantial upgrade over the ActionTec or any other older router. Its wide range, fast connection, efficient dual processor, and dual-band technology will help you get the most out of your FIOS bundle and will boost your internet speed by optimizing your bandwidth and settings.

To find it our bout this router and why it is a must buy for all Verizon FIOS subscribers, scroll down and reach our FIOS Quantum Gateway router review

Features and Specs

  • Internet speed that reaches 800 Mbps
  • Wide WIFI range that stretches to 325ft
  • Equipped with a Dual Core Processor
  • Dual Band 2.4ghz and 5ghz
  • Features 4 Gigabit Wired Lan Ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • Uses dual-band technology for a faster connection to the FIOS

What makes the FIOS Quantum Gateway router a necessity for all Verizon FIOS subscribers?

There are many reasons why you should consider replacing your older router. These devices are supposed to operate all day every day and regardless of the quality of build, they will eventually break down or start delivering a reduced output.

Heat stress is the primary culprit when it comes to damaging routers. The excessive workload coupled with poor air circulation and the lack of proper ventilation will cause your device to fail. The issue is further compounded by the constant neglect that most consumers put their routers through; placing them near windows where they get overexposed to the heat of the sun, on floors where they collect dust, and in tight bookcases where proper air circulation is impossible.

The other main reason for upgrading to a superior router like the FIOS quantum Gateway is to simply keep up with the new technologies and innovations that will help you get more value for your money. Even if your original router is still holding up as far as hardware is concerned, it still doesn’t possess the same power and sheer number of features that newer models have. It might seem like a paradox at first, but investing in a new router is financially rewarding as you will be getting a faster internet speed without having to increase the price of your original bundled package.

WIFI range

With a range up to 325ft, the Quantum Gateway router delivers the widest WIFI coverage on the market. This is ideal if you happen to live in a large house and want wireless internet access from anywhere within it. The signal is powerful enough to the point that your connection speed won’t let up even when you are accessing it from the top limits of the range.

The WIFI connectivity of this device is available in two settings; a regular FIOS access and FIOS 5g. The latter is the fastest WIFI signal that is available on the market, so if some of your devices support it; make sure to activate the 5G for an even faster internet connection.

Easy setup

Gone are the days where you had to wait for a Verizon technician to come and install your router. Replacing your old device with the FIOS Quantum Gateway router is a rather painless and straightforward process that hardly requires and technical prerequisites or know-how.

To get your new router up and running, all you have to do log into your old router and release the DHCP lease on the Broadband COAX WAN port, turn it off, wait for few minutes, and connect the coax connection to your new FIOS Quantum Gateway router. Switch it on and voila, you have boosted your internet speed in a matter of minutes.

800 Mbps internet speed

Most providers promise staggering internet connection speeds, including the overly marketed 800 Mbps mark. Yet in reality, only a handful of customers actually get to enjoy these speeds. The problem isn’t dishonesty from the network companies; the heart of the issue lays in the hardware’s inability to cope with the amount of bandwidth.

By getting the FIOS Quantum Gateway router, you will be one of the select few to get maximum internet connection speed.  Thanks to the powerful dual-core processor and dual band technology, this router is designed to handle a huge amount of broadband data transmission.

Manage your router from anywhere

Another feature that sets the FIOS Quantum Gateway router apart from the rest of pack is the comprehensive control it gives you over your device, even when you are away from home.

Thanks to the FIOS app, you can manage the WIFI settings of your router from just about anywhere. This free app affords you full control over various basic aspects of the connectivity of your Quantum gateway router; you can change the name and password of your network, completely turn off Wi-Fi access, and manage parental controls in order to restrict your children from accessing inappropriate content.

Impregnable WPA encryption

If you ever had to deal with older WIFI devices, then you are probably no stranger to the limitations and weaknesses of the old Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security protocol.

The WPA encryption that this router uses offers a safety shield that lets you surf the web with complete security. This security system puts up many obstacles in front of potential attacks from hackers and successes in hiding your data beneath a sea of complex algorithms and protocols.

Dual bands

In a concentrated effort to help you get the top performance out of your devices, Verizon decided to equip this router with one of their more innovative technologies to date.

The dual-band technology provides you with 2 different highway lanes for your data; a high bandwidth lane at 5.0 GHz designed to handle newer devices and high speed activities such as streaming and uploading, and a low bandwidth one at 2.4 GHz reserved for outdated devices and activities that don’t require much speed such as casual surfing or email checking. This system leads to a more optimized internet speed and its effect is especially noticed when sharing sizable files or when multiple devices are using the network at the same time.


As per usual for Verizon’s routers, the Quantum Gateway has a sturdy composition and is build to last long and withstand the various damaging elements that are associated with continuous use. The metallic main body of the unit is made out of top quality materials and looks robust and impact resistant. The structural design of the router was conceived in a way that guarantees proper air circulation.

While this router is very sturdy and designed to remain functional for a long time, it is still advisable to take the necessary precautions to help extend its lifespan and avoid the bad practices outlined above that could accelerate its deterioration.


  • This router delivers an instantaneous and noticeable improvement in internet speed
  • It is sturdier and more durable than the typical router
  • The WIFI range is among the broadest on the market
  • The price is quite affordable for the features that it comes with
  • The Dual Band technology allows access to multiple devices without a decrease in overall speed
  • It can handle a maximum level of Mbps that most similarly priced routers can’t


  • the router’s user interface can be confusing if you are not familiar with older Verizon routers


The FIOS Quantum Gateway router does a perfect job in extending WIFI to every corner of your home. It comes with the convenience of easy setup and is entirely manageable from anywhere through a free app. The degree to which it will boost your internet connection speed will leave you wondering if you really just upgraded the router or your entire Verizon bundled package.

For the relatively low price, the Quantum Gateway offers a tremendous amount of value. If you ever felt a slight dip in your internet speed, you should consider replacing your outdated router before looking at a more expensive package for the solution. That will only cost you extra money without fixing the real issue.

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