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Find a quality expat condo rental in Bangkok

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Expat condo rentals in Bangkok are generally divided into two categories, type ‘A’ and type ‘B’. Type ‘A’ condos consist of recently built condos (within the last 15 years or so). These condos always have a community swimming pool, a fitness room, and at least some sort of private gardens and grounds. They also have 24-hour security, and modern interior fittings and appliances.

Although you can find either category in every part of town, Type ‘B’ condos are housed in older buildings. They can be just as nice and spacious, but they generally have older appliances and fittings in the rooms and may not have the popular swimming pool and fitness rooms, nor do they often have the gardens of Type ‘A’ condos.

But sometimes, a type ‘B’ condo is preferable to a type ‘A’ condo in certain neighborhoods. This is because they tend to occupy areas that have been fully developed and don’t have a lot of noisy construction going on every day.

But whether you want to find the newest condos with the latest modern amenities, or you are looking for more of a peaceful neighbourhood, there are two areas of the city that you should target in your search for an expat condo rental in Bangkok.

Convenient Neighborhoods

Of course, every expat is free to live anywhere in the city they want to. Still, these two areas of Bangkok offer many of the conveniences that expats in Bangkok tend to gravitate towards in their daily lifestyle.

The two most popular areas of the city for an expat condo rental in Bangkok are the Sukhumvit area of the city, particularly from the Phrom Phong area to the Ekkamai neighborhood, and the central business district of the city around the adjacent Silom and Sathorn areas.

Both of these areas offer convenience. The Sukhumvit area condos offer easy access to both upscale and bargain-basement shopping centres and malls, as well as restaurants and nightspots.

The Silom and Sathorn area of Bangkok offers convenient access to many of the work destinations of expats in Bangkok. But the common thread of these areas is that they both offer easy access to the BTS Skytrain and MRT systems of Bangkok.

Rapid Transit Makes Life Easier in Bangkok

Many expats arriving in Bangkok don’t have a Thai driver’s licence and aren’t familiar with the roads and streets of Bangkok. While they may choose to take to the road in time, in the beginning, they are reliant of the many public transportation systems of Bangkok.

People searching for a quality expat condo rental in Bangkok tend to focus their searches in these two areas of town. However, any location near a BTS or MRT station can be suitable, depending on the lifestyle of the expat.

But for people who are relocating to the city and haven’t visited it before, these areas are most likely to offer all the convenience you’re looking for in a condo. They also offer convenient and attractive enticements of their own in the surroundings and facilities these two areas of the city provide.