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Financial trends shaping 2021

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Constant changes and developments in the financial industry greatly impact how people and businesses use their money. So much has changed in recent years that the way money was used just 10 years ago now seems prehistoric, especially when you consider just how much has changed since the pandemic. So, what are a few of the main financial trends shaping the world in 2021? There are many clear trends in finance right now that are changing the way people use and think about their money. Read on to find out more.

Contactless payments

Perhaps the most notable tech trend in 2021 is contactless payments, allowing people to order goods and services from their smartphones easily. This was on the rise before but has been accelerated greatly by the pandemic as it makes it safe and quick and easy for people to make payments, particularly in places like cafes and bars where you can simply order via an app.


There are clear security concerns regarding digital payments, which is why biometrics has become another major trend in finance in recent times. Currently, scanning a fingerprint to confirm payment is the most popular form of biometrics used and can certainly be safe, secure, and effective, but it is thought that facial recognition will emerge as the main form of biometrics in the coming years.

Hard Crypto wallets

Many people are buying cryptocurrencies in 2021 either as a way to buy and sell for profit or to use for goods and services (it is becoming more widely accepted as a form of payment, and this will continue in the coming years). In addition, many people are now using a hard crypto wallet instead of an online platform to store their bitcoin keys on a piece of hardware, which can provide added security and make it easy to complete transactions.


2021 has also been a busy year in terms of people investing their money. It is thought that this is a result of many people saving money during COVID-19 due to much of the economy closing along with interest rates being so low, which makes traditional saving less attractive, so instead, people have started investing as a way to grow their wealth and build for the future.

Financial literacy

Following this point, many people have also started to educate themselves on personal finance during the pandemic to take steps to improve their situation. Financial literacy has never been particularly high, but with many people worried about their job security and/or financial health and more time on their hands, people of all ages have started to educate themselves on personal finance, which is fantastic to see and will hopefully help people to be much smarter with their money.

These are currently a few of the main financial trends that are shaping the world in 2021. Money makes the world go around, and it is certainly interesting right now, with both technology and the pandemic completely transforming how people use and think about money.

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