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Financial needs of 100+ JMU students met through #GivingTuesday push

jmuTo date, JMU has received approximately 150 requests for emergency aid related to COVID-19. In many situations, these are cases where students’ financial situations have changed because of the pandemic, and they won’t be able to continue at JMU without help from private donor dollars.

Because of this, JMU relaunched “Madison for Keeps,” the emergency scholarship fund to provide aid to students who have been impacted in a variety of ways by COVID-19. Previously, this effort successfully saved 108 students from dropping out of school during the Great Recession in 2009-2010.

On Tuesday, as part of the global Giving Tuesday Now, generous and devoted donors pledged $250,000, matched by $250,000 previously raised for this cause. All told, donors contributed more than $500,000, which the university estimates will meet the financial need of 100 Dukes, allowing them to stay enrolled at the university.

“Generosity is defined in the moments when it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable to give, but we care deeply enough to do it anyway,” explained Nick Langridge, vice president for University Advancement. “Given the extraordinary times we are living through, I was truly inspired by the way our JMU faithful joined together in one spirit of generosity, as one JMU family, and gave over $500,000 to help 100 Dukes stay Dukes.”

Despite the success of Giving Tuesday Now, there is more work to do. Throughout the month of May, these efforts will continue to increase the number of Dukes supported.

Additional information on Madison for Keeps and the progress of the funds raised, can be found here.

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