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Film star Bianca Banks talks about parenting for career women

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Bianca Banks may have made her debut in the world of showbusiness as a guest of celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims on “Invite Only Cabo”, but she is also a busy CEO and single mother.

Being a single parent is never easy and in Bianca’s case it must be exceptionally difficult as she juggles a demanding career. Shouldering the burden of parenthood alone is never easy,and doing it alone can be stressful.

As a businesswoman, Bianca’s time is already very limited, but this dynamic woman finds time to be a community advocate, philanthropist, socialite, and is launching a podcast soon.

We wanted to find out how Bianca Banks juggles her time so that she still manages to be a successful business developer and such a warm and loving mother.

Bianca, thank you for finding a few moments in your busy day to chat with us. Your schedule is always very busy and yet you have brought up your children single-handedly. How easy or difficult is it to be a parent?

Parenting is never easy, whether you are doing it alone or with a spouse/partner. It is the most important responsibilities any adult can ever have and it can be very challenging when you also are the sole breadwinner too.

Have you ever felt guilty when you leave for work or to meet your business and social commitments?

I am grateful that I have all the necessary resources and that we live in a democracy where women can make a measurable impact in all areas of life. So no. I don’t believe in the fictitious notion that men work and mothers stay at home to raise the family. I don’t know many families where the mothers don’t work. However, children need nurturing and that’s what comes naturally to most women, whether we work or not. Therefore, I have made nurturing my top priority and make sure that I also have help at home. Having a nanny, helps, but I made the decision to be a hands-on mother.

How easy is it to prioritize nurturing and other parenting responsibilities?

I have always made sure that my approach is more about spending quality time with the children rather than just to always be around them. That means that I must be organized at work and home so that when we are home, we can relax and do fun things together.

What do you say is the best time of the day that you get to spend together?

Prior to the pandemic our mornings were usually rushed and hectic as we all get ready for school, work, and the day ahead. As in every household, no matter how much we have prepared from the night before, there is always the lost book, jacket, or homework as we all, rush around. The evenings were different in the sense that we loved spending time together as we prepare dinner, and this is when we catch up with our news, talk, solve problems, and generally have fun together. All of that is the same now, except the pandemic has merged our work life and school life under one roof.  Emphasizing outdoor activities and exercise is also important during this time.

Bianca, you have just launched a podcast. Can you tell us more about it?

Being a mother, I have always been intrigued by how many current events and issues are seen differently by my children. The idea for the podcast came from our many discussions and exchanges of viewpoints. Our show is called “The mnd Show” and my daughter Jasmine co-hosts it with me. We will discuss current and cultural events and will look at them through the different generational perspectives.

Where can viewers watch the podcasts?

They will air on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, so for updates,  watch my Instagram page @itsbiancabanks and the podcast page @themndshow. The show will also air on @Dash radio, broadcasting live from Hollywood, CA.

Bianca, even though you are very busy, you have always made time to support charities and causes. Which causes do you care most deeply about and why?

There are so many areas that need our attention, but like most women, I am particularly interested in alleviating suffering in children and women. That is why I concentrate a lot of my time and effort to help the homeless and underserved children. I am also very concerned about domestic violence and abuse against women and children and how it continues to be on the rise. These victims of this abhorrent type of abuse need access to more safe homes and support so that they can rebuild their new lives without fear. Finally, I support efforts made to alleviate addiction and the various problems encountered by previous addicts as they try to stand on their feet again.

If we look at rising talent, are there any other famous personalities who inspire you right now?

Oh yes I love to spot rising talent – I have been tracking a few actually: The miss U.S. Virgin Islands 2019 Andrea Piecuch has done a great job diplomatically in how she commented on the way they handled the coronavirus pandemic. There is a rapper called Xli who is showing the world how to revive and reinvent a style of music by blending in great art – he is also a great entrepreneur. Footballer Dane Domic is also a great example of a philanthropist who starts giving back from a young age.

You’re a wise woman: Tell us what is the biggest gift a parent can give to their child?

You’re trying to make me blush? I think that working out a good balance in the way you facilitate life for your child goes a long way: some parents want to give their child all their time – and therefore lack the financial resources. Some shower their kids with gifts because all they make is money, but do not have time for their children. So it is all about a balancing act. Other things like love and affection, protection and exposure to great examples are all important elements I believe.

Thank you, Bianca. We look forward to watching the first podcast of “The MND Show”.


Story by JP Blignaut

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