Fighting obesity: Nutrisystem diet pros and cons

While global capitalism has benefited our world in many ways, it has created some paradoxes. One of them is that while 800 million people have less food than they need, there are 700 million obese people.

Obesity is expected to be the new normal in America. A new study found that by the time today’s kids reach 35 years of age, more than 50% of them will be obese. This is a very alarming statistic, because obesity is the root of many illnesses, from heart disease to cancer.

The number of overweight and obese people in the US is worryingly high. And many people who are affected by this health condition understand all too well they need to do something to get their lives back on track. But losing weight is not an easy task. It requires knowledge, willpower, and money. It can therefore be overwhelming, and often times, the results are dismal.

One program that has joined the efforts to fight the obesity epidemic is Nutrisystem. This program helps people dealing with excess weight lose the extra pounds in a healthy manner without the hustle of counting calories and laboring for hours shopping and preparing healthy meals in their kitchen. Since 1970, Nutrisystem has helped over one million people achieve a better health, which is why it is considered by many the best diet meal plan delivery in the US.

But before you decide if a weight management system is best for you, it’s wise to assess its advantages and disadvantages. The Nutrisystem diet system has many upsides, and a few cons as well. Here is a closer look at what it can do for you as you try to lose weight in a healthy manner.


Nutrisystem Pros: Convenience, Flexibility, Food Variety, and More

  1. Customization
    When you join Nutrisystem, you will not have to put up with a one-size-fits-all plan – they will give you a diet plan based on your weight loss goals. For instance, you can decide if you want to be on the program for a year or just a few weeks. And you can decide what food you will eat every week. They have a big variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, deserts, and snacks. This level of customization ensures that you adhere to a program that is most comfortable for you.
  1. Plenty of Proof that Nutrisystem Works
    There is no shortage of comments praising the Nutrisystem diet for its effectiveness. Many customers who have tried it readily admit that it truly works in helping them lose excess weight. Nutrisystem has even been effective for people who have tried tens of diets and workout plans in the past in a bid to burn excess fat without much success.
  1. Inexpensive
    The cost of 28 days on Nutrisystem is about $280-300. This comes down to about $10 a day which is not prohibitive if you consider that your grocery shopping expenses while on the program are minimized.
  1. Good Food
    Many people believe that healthy diet food tastes always bland. And while many diet meals do feel like you are eating cardboard, Nutrisystem has made healthy food taste great. Despite being healthy alternatives to popular delicacies, most Nutrisystem meals are very tasty
  1. Great Food Variety
    You can choose from over 150 meals. For many people, this big variety makes it possible to lose weight eating their favorite foods. This variety of meal choices also makes the diet more enjoyable since it’s almost sure you will find meals you really like. And you won’t get bored easily because you can eat a different meal every day for several days before you start the cycle again.
  1. No Cooking Required
    Nutrisystem foods are very easy to prepare. This makes the program quite convenient for people who lack the time to prepare their own healthy meals, or people who need to juggle healthy eating with a demanding career.
  1. Excellent Support
    Beatrice of has tried Nutrisystem and says that “you will get great support. If you decide to have a dinner out and you are wondering what you can eat to stay within your diet plan’s caloric requirements, the support staff will tell you what can order to avoid ruining your weight loss journey with unhealthy meals”. You can also monitor you weight loss using the mobile application Numi, and you can track various parameters like the foods you eat, physical activity, how many days before you reach your target weight, and more.

Nutrisystem Cons

  1. As with most meal delivery programs, Nutrisystem foods can be a challenge to use at times. For instance, you might have trouble preparing the meals, even though only a few minutes are required. For example, some of the food packages have been known to explode while in the microwave. However, these are usually problems faced by people who are just getting started on the system. Otherwise, if you follow the guidelines, using the meals and getting them ready for consumption becomes very easy.
  2. You may not like all meal choices. Again, like with other similar programs, Nutrisystem foods will typically not taste as great as typical unhealthier alternatives. This can be a bit of challenge for some, but anyone serious about losing excess weight will readily accommodate the slight change in taste for the sake of a healthier body.

When you look at Nutrisystem’s pros and cons, the benefits of using Nutrisystem foods to lose excess weight outweigh the cons. It has been helpful for many and even life changing for some. Nutrisystem has been proven in clinical studies to work. In fact, a 2017 study showed that those who followed the Nutrisystem diet for 4 months lost more weight and exhibited improved body composition/anthropometric parameters than those who followed the DASH diet—a dietary pattern promoted by the U.S.-based National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.


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