Field of Dreams doesn’t work in business, or online

marketingThe great baseball movie Field of Dreams introduced to us the concept of If you build it, they will come, the idea that building a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield could attract fans from across the world, the important part being that you had to build it first.

Which is nice and romantic and all, but we all know that in business it doesn’t quite work that way. We can’t just put a sign out front and make way for the multitudes of customers and clients. If only it were that easy, right?

Brings us to your business website. What did you do other than putting your sign on the front page of your website to get people to come to your business online?

If you figured that by building it, then the customers and clients would come, that’s making the same mistake that you’d make not trying to draw people to your storefront or office.

Putting a website online is not enough, not by a long shot. There are literally billions of websites live and online at any given moment in time. The ones that have value from a business standpoint are those that have some important building blocks taken care of ahead of time.

To wit:

SEO: Search engine optimization. Not familiar with the term? Your competitors no doubt are. Google and the other search engines have their own means for determining how to spit out results when we do web searches. Your website needs to be able to play along so that you get the benefit.

Repeat business: What do you do to get people to come back to your bricks-and-mortar store or office? You have to put the same thought to your online marketing.

Calls to action: A news website, a school website, that’s where you get information. Your business website needs to give people more than information. It needs to give them a reason, now that you’ve given them information, to contact you to do something about the information that you’ve presented them.

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