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Features of women’s body armor

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The need for such a vest is long overdue, as more, and more women are serving in the army. And body armor has always been tailored to fit the male figure.

Ladies in military uniforms with their natural forms to wear men’s armor was, to put it mildly, not very comfortable. Meanwhile, the army safety technology simply prohibits in some cases leaving the shelter without personal protective equipment.

The women’s body armor created in women’s body armor guarantees protection in classes Br1 and Br2 – it will not be pierced by a 9 mm bullet. Such a means of protection can be used in hot spots, and in places with a high probability of terrorist attacks.

Women’s Body Armor: Choose and wear

Women have much less choice of body armor models. Therefore, it is much more difficult for them to find a suitable option for themselves. Researchers have been preparing their developments for a long time in order to invent and present to the world armor that would protect the curves of the female body.

Because sometimes when a woman puts on a bulletproof vest, it does not completely adhere to the body and forms gaps. The NIST researchers after regular tests realized that flat sheets of foam need to be modified and changed in order to better simulate the potential curves of the female body. Therefore, instead of focusing on the quality of the foam or its density, their development focused on creating a model that could successfully approximate the shape and volume of the female body.

Men wear high impact body armor, which is usually made from fibers of extremely durable material such as Kevlar as well as ballistic body armor. The researchers decided to create a women’s ballistic body armor, which was improved and designed with a much tighter weave. But the ballistic armor is designed to stop fast-moving bullets, while the shock-resistant armor is only produced to stop moving objects from the human hand. It was decided that ballistic armor is an excellent defense against damage that can be caused by both humans and weapons. NIST manufacturers have a laboratory where they test body armor by throwing sharp objects (such as spikes, knives).

Foam is put under the armor instead of the human body.

For a much better understanding of the female form, the researchers consulted the medical literature on breast reconstruction. Obviously, more liquid materials, such as silicone, are used in this area, but this didn’t frighten the team and even forced them to experiment with different shapes, such as hemispheres, cones.

Finally, they identified several 3D shapes. Figured out how to make these shapes out of expanded polystyrene and then folded the pieces together to form the shape and approximate volume of the women’s body armor.

Due to the latest technology researchers created the best type of women’s body armor. It is comfortable and safe to use. New versions of women’s body armor face the reality of the mixed army. More comfortable, better-rested soldiers who don’t have to worry about where they are going to pee, next are just more efficient troops. And more efficient troops lead to a more efficient army and a more secure nation.

Story by Victor Mostovoi

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