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Features of Italian design homeware

italian homeware
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In terms of the number of brands represented in the British market of kitchenware, Italy is, of course, the absolute leader. There are several reasons for this. Italian products are popular in and of themselves – among  British consumers, Italy is associated with the world of fashion, design, famous Italian cuisine. Production of tableware in Italy is one of the developed industries. Italian factories offer products in almost all price categories, successfully competing not only with manufacturers from other European countries but also with Russian and Chinese factories. In addition, among foreign companies that have achieved significant success in the British market, there are several well-known Italian factories that serve as role models for other manufacturers.

Alessi brand is a real “icon” of design, one of the companies thanks to which the world started talking about the phenomenon of Italian design. Alessi products can be found in many museums of modern art, it annually receives dozens of the most prestigious design awards. Alessi focuses on creativity and experimentation without any conventions and the most innovative production technologies. The head of the company is Albert Alessi. Alessi products are best purchased at branded stores located in major cities in the world.

One of the main characteristic features of Italian design is the highest degree of its emotionality, generally characteristic of southern peoples. Objects and objects produced by Italian designers are distinguished by their humanity, often in them, you can see the irony, ambiguity, whim, the artist’s personal attitude to the world.

The results of the work of Italian designers, as a rule, become radical bright and original things. However, they are always functional. Italian designers pay no less attention to comfort and ease of use than to the aesthetic component.

As a rule, Italian manufacturers of dishes try to present all the most modern design innovations at one of the most interesting industry exhibitions – Macef, which is held in Milan twice a year. This exhibition has been held since 1964 and it is on it that Italian design is manifested in all its diversity. Although at other central European exhibitions, Ambiente in Frankfurt and Maison & Objet in Paris, Italian designers play leading roles.

Starting a review of Italian brands of dishes, it should be noted that it is very difficult to choose the most visible from a design point of view from a large number of companies. Almost any Italian manufacturer of dishes is always very attentive to design and in its assortment, you can find some unique lines that have become an object of imitation for competitors.

Perhaps the most famous Italian brand in the dishware segment is Alessi. Including due to its versatility – dishes are far from the only direction – the company also produces watches, textiles, electric kitchen utensils, etc. According to its head, Alberto Alessi, today the company is committed to helping its consumers improve their relationship with the outside world through items created by Alessi. The key competitive advantages of this brand are typical for Italian design – innovation and experiment, allowing you to create fashion trends, and not follow them.

Aria offers high-end designer porcelain, contemporary design houseware collaborated with Alessi at affordable prices.

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