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Fariba Rahimi: From model to movie star

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Fans are not surprised to learn that Fariba Rahimi is taking Africa by storm in her progression from model to a movie star. We tracked her latest moves in Africa. 

She needs no introduction. In case you have not heard of the Iranian born top model Fariba Rahimi. She was born on 18 September 1979. Fariba Rahimi will enchant you: It’s no secret that her success is notable in all corners of the world. Her global influence and wit to always succeed have given her a popular reputation in the modelling, business, and now film industry. As late as 2018, Fariba made a big comeback in the Modeling world, by striking a good deal with Versace.

Although she’s been quiet for some time, it’s safe to say that she has been busy with different projects; including and perhaps not limited to her real estate and construction maintenance businesses. As much of this was not visible from her social media accounts with more than 200K followers, we tapped our sources for a complete update on Fariba Rahimi.

Her vibrant energy and magnificent looks are truly infectious, and for her, it truly isn’t just all looks and now fun. Her fighting spirit and willingness to always succeed has given her the chance to show what she’s made off in Iran, Norway, and now also in Africa.

It’s not yet clear what she has been working on, but the latest news from various sources close to Fariba has informed us that she might be making some brief appearances in some upcoming films. It’s true what they say, give a woman the ability to do what she loves, and she will conquer the world.

Fariba Rahimi is moving into the African movie scene big time:

The movie scene in Africa might not be as booming as that of Hollywood or in Europe, but over the last few years, we’ve seen some great films being shot on African soil. The latest of such being Mad Max: Fury Road, shot on location in Namibia. Although the film didn’t receive good reviews from the public, it’s no secret that the barren and empty landscapes of the Namib Desert did give the film its dystopian feel.

Although we aren’t sure which films she might be appearing in, sources have claimed that films shot in two different locations around Africa will soon boost her talent. “Material Two”, a comedy directed by Craig Freimond in South Africa has recently made into the post-production phase and if all goes as planned; it will be released in October 2020.

It’s not quite clear what Fraiba’s role in the film is, as many sources on set have been quiet about her appearance. What we do know is that she might be seen acting alongside South African comedian and actor, Schalk Bezuidenhout. If you haven’t heard of Bezuidenhout, he has recently starred in two South African produced films that have been wildly popular and might soon be featured on a global scale.

Films where Rahimi will most likely pop up:

Although Craig Freimond is well-known among film fanatics in South Africa, his effort to create outstanding films has given him six award nominations. He might’ve not taken any of them home, but for what its worth all his nominations are for his superb scriptwriting and directing. His achievements have made it possible that there might be a more international influence in his films. This is all speculation in the local industry, as most of his work is the critique of/and based on South African humor.

From Cape to Cairo, she is taking Africa by full storm. “Rootopia”, the thriller directed by Ehab Moustafa, who is also known for his popular short film, “Colored Dress” has many in the Egyptian movie scene turning heads with his latest film. Recent speculation around the set has revealed that the cast who consists of Hano Nermine, Arafa Eman, and Shahin Menna who’s known locally; might be delighted by the presence of Fariba.

We might’ve only seen a recent poster of the movie being released, but if it’s anything like the great work Moustafa has done in “Colored Dress”, we’re sure in for a jagged movie experience. Another great film to expect from the African continent in 2020 is the crime-drama-thriller, shot in Madagascar. “Dakara – The Confession of a thug” already sounds like something we will easily get pulled into as it will boast the magnificent scenery and some African vibrancy.

Fariba Rahimi has already made her mark on the world and she is not close to stopping very soon. Her influence as a businesswoman and the way she has positioned herself in the modelling industry shows her character to always keep pushing herself. Watch out, as Fariba is coming to a TV screen near you!

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