What is the most famous food in America, and which state does it best?

burgerJohn Montagu might have invented the sandwich, but Americans made it what it is today. We’re talking about the burger, of course.  No one makes burgers like Americans do and anyone that hasn’t tried a real American burger needs to get a USA visa and try one as soon as they can. Today we have chefs all over the country coming up with now adventurous, delicious combinations every day and you’ll find it one heck of a challenge to find any two burgers that are alike. Of course, there are some states that know how to do them better than the others and there are a couple of states that have incredible burger joints. If you’re looking to try a burger that will change your life then keep reading to find out where to go.

On the list is, of course, Virginia. This beautiful state can boast some of the best organic produce in the country, as well as incredible Farmers’ Markets. To top it off, Virginia also has some unbelievable gourmet burger joints and recipes that you won’t find anywhere else. One of the best you’ll find is the Holy Cow in Alexandria (Del Rey). They’ve got new burgers on the menu all the time and the ‘Burger of the Day’ is a great place to start for those that are adventurous. You have the Popper burger, with fried jalapeños, cream cheese, and bacon on an Angus beef patty, all held together in a toasted brioche bun. You also have the Holy Pig burger with pulled pork, smoked Gouda, coleslaw and crispy onions. But, that’s not even the best thing about this little gem. 25 cents of every burger you buy goes to a local charity of your choosing. This isn’t the only great burger joint that Virginia can brag about, but a great example of everything this beautiful state has to offer the culinary arts.

When you think of a good burger you’ve obviously got to start with the patty. You need good quality beef and one of the best places to get just that is Texas. In Texas they know how to cook a proper burger, which is why they are one of the best states to go to for burgers. In Texas they’ve got more of a preference for the classics, so if you’re not one to be swayed by crazy combinations and cleverly titled dishes then here is where you can get simple and great quality food. If you head to San Antonio you’ll find ‘Cured’, a burger joint that knows what’s important in life. They keep things nice and simple with their Blue Ribbon burger, but they get everything absolutely right. The patties, a combination of bacon, short rib and local chuck, have the perfect thickness, are cooked perfectly and taste incredible. To finish it off they top it with a cheesy blend of Gouda, aged cheddar and PBR and add a smear of sweet and sour onion jam. You won’t regret making the trip after you experience the taste of a lifetime.

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