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Famous, charming & single: Successful black women who show us that everything is possible

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There is a never-ending and ever-growing number of exceptional, famous, and successful black women who prove nay-sayers wrong constantly, improve the world we live in and just prove to everyone that everything is possible.

While they have more important things to do than go on dates and run after men, it’s still a shock that the women we’re going to tell you about are not married and not in a relationship. It might be that they are way too impressive, and most men find it impossible to rise to their level and keep up.

Single or not, these beautiful and talented black women deserve all the recognition they get and more.

Marsai Martin

At 16, when most girls are on TikTok and other social media and can only think about boys, Marsai Martin focuses on making movies and television history. Marsai Martin, one of the rising stars of “Black-ish”, is the youngest executive producer ever. At only 10 (back in 2014), she started working on the critically acclaimed and hit tv-series, and her role as Diane Johnson impressed everyone.

Not even two years later, she changed gears and appeared in “An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win”, her first movie, and instead of going for a comedy, she decided on a film about civil rights.

When she was 13, she not only starred in the movie “Little “, which she was also the executive producer of, in the meantime, she went on to act and produce another movie: “Amari and the Night Brothers.”

Marsai Martin said that her best advice for others who want to walk in her footstep is to believe in oneself, push boundaries and limits and be confident.


Lizzo, one of the world’s most acclaimed famous BBW singles of all time, is one of the most nominated artists of 2020. She became insanely well-known in 2019 when she released her third album, which was jam-packed with hits.

Songs like “Juice”, “Truth Hurts”, and “Good as Hell” are just part of the reason why she was named Entertainer of the Year.

Lizzo is also heading the body positivity movement and wants people to know that the most important thing anyone can do is just be themselves. Still being single, she’s the icon among fans, making an impression of a heartbreaker, when IRL, she’s quite calm and peaceful when it comes to love and relations, on online dating sites.


Rihanna is one of the most famous and appreciated female musicians all over the world. Rihanna is currently the world’s most wealthy female musician and is valued at over 600 million dollars.

She is not only extremely talented as a musician; she is also a fantastic entrepreneur. She has insanely successful brands under her belt – Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty – which have propelled her to the top of the most wealthy women of all time.

Her beauty brands are the most inclusive ones on the market, popularized as “beauty for all” as they work like magic for people of all ethnicities, genders, cultures, and sizes. Her foundation has 40 different shades, including very light and super dark tones, successfully helping black women who are usually not included by other beauty brands.

Renae L. Bluitt

Renae L. Bluitt is a champion of black women and their representation in the media. She is a filmmaker from New York City and has just released a Netflix documentary called “She Did That”.

In her documentary, Renae looks at black female entrepreneurs and the changes they are bringing into the world. She believes that black women need to be represented more as they are facing a lot of obstacles and coming out on the other side even more successful, and creating better brands and rising to challenge after challenge and killing it professionally.


These women, and many other black women, are doing their part in the world, succeeding at everything they set their minds on and teaching us equality at the same time. There’s no wonder why they are single – who could handle their success and their super busy lives, and even if they could, when would these amazing women have the time to meet men?

Love doesn’t seem to be their priority at the moment, but when they decide to make it, we are ready to support them in this endeavor just as we support them in anything else they do.

Story by Olivia Simpson

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