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Chris Graham: Fair-weather fans

See anything wrong with this picture?

And no, I’m not referring to the fact that the governor’s office released a photo of Bob McDonnell talking on the phone with VCU coach Shaka Smart after the Rams’ win over top-seeded Kansas to earn the school’s first Final Four berth last weekend.

It’s what McDonnell is wearing in the photo.

I mean, I get it. I’m a UVa. alum, and if somebody were to snap a random picture of me on a weekend after watching sports they might catch me in some combinations of orange and blue.

But then if I knew the photo was going to be circulated widely, and if I had any sense of political wits about me, maybe I’d, I don’t know, you know, change.

I’m not suggesting that McDonnell go homer and don black and yellow with a gaudy hat featuring a ram that you can tug a string and gets hand to clap.

(Though that would make for a good image. So actually …)

Seriously. Just take the Notre Dame sweatshirt off. I’m sure he had a T-shirt on underneath. Or heck, doesn’t he live in the governor’s mansion? Go get a generic windbreaker or something.

It’s not like you need to give Smart and his bunch any more motivation. First it was Vitale and Bilas saying forcefully that VCU shouldn’t have gotten in. Then it was everybody else doubting them as they prepped for their next big-name opponent.

Now the governor calls to congratulate the team on its big win wearing a sweatshirt of a team that lost to a team that VCU beat on its way to the Final Four.

Now I hear that the governor and Congressman Eric Cantor are heading to Houston to root the Rams on.

Can you say “fair-weather fans”? Thought you could.

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