Facebook says no to self-defense ad, says it promotes violence?

facebook_logoAn independent consultant for Damsel in Defense was blocked by Facebook from using the social-media platform to promote her like page. The reason: the page, according to Facebook, “promotes violence.”


“My page promotes self-defense products for people to use in dangerous situations. Not violence,” said Melissa Howell, whose attempt to build her Damsel in Defense Facebook page using Facebook advertising was recently denied.

Damsel In Defense is about equipping, empowering, and educating women and men with safety products to help protect them and the ones they love.

“We provide products such as pepper sprays, stun guns and Security On the Go items,” Howell said. “These items not only give people confidence, but also allow them to protect themselves in a dangerous situation. When an attacker is there and they are attacking someone or a potential threat to a person, the victims might actually stand a chance to fight back and save their own live or the live of someone else.”

The frustrating point to this, to Howell, is that there is no appeals process through Facebook to get anyone with the publicly-traded company to reverse their decision.

“No, Damsel In Defense in no way promotes violence and anything to that extent. If anything, we are providing the knowledge, training, awareness, and confidence to those we share our product with and those who purchase our product,” Howell said.

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