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Face to Face: Portraits of our Vibrant City opens at The Bridge’s Gallery

face to faceThe fourth annual Face To Face: Portraits of Our Vibrant City program uses the process of portraiture to provide Charlottesville artists and community members the opportunity to connect.

Each year, The Bridge pairs artists with good people from throughout Charlottesville and commissions the artists to create an original portrait. Prior to the portraits being gifted to the community members, they will be on exhibit in The Bridge’s Belmont gallery.

The exhibition opened in the windows of The Bridge gallery on Friday.

“This program is one of my favorite programs we do each year because of the countless examples of earnest, lasting connection Face to Face has facilitated,” said Alan Goffinski, executive director at The Bridge.

“While we’re disappointed we can’t throw a big opening reception party this year, the process has in many ways been much more impactful because of the way we’ve all seen our levels of socialization decrease this year. It’s been therapeutic for all of us this year,” Goffinski said.

The public can safely visit the large windows of The Bridge gallery at 209 Monticello Road any time day or night during the month of February to see great portraits of great people and learn some interesting biographical information about people in their city.

Those not comfortable with making a visit to the gallery windows can view the collection, along with past years’ portraits at

This year’s participating artists:

  • Michael Jones
  • Laura Lee Gulledge
  • Luke Roberts
  • Tesceline Tabilas
  • Jae Johnson
  • Benita Mayo
  • Miriam Tobias
  • Sarah Miller
  • Matt Eich
  • Christy Baker
  • Derrick J Waller
  • Raneem Tarfa

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