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Eyebrow trends of 2021

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Thick and natural eyebrows are here to stay. There is a massive sigh of relief heard from all the people who have spent the last year trying to brow their brow to achieve this trend. Many people’s eyebrows are still recovering from the ’90s and the pencil-thin brow craze. They say that all things in fashion come back around, but we can hope they are wrong in this case.

Ideal eyebrow shape for 2021

As you already know when the natural eyebrow look that is in-style is not the way most people’s eyebrows naturally grow. A specific standard shape is considered raw but is simple to discover what looks like on you. To start, you want to pretend there is a line running from the corner of your inner eye. This line should continue to go straight up to your hairline. Pretend that both inner eyes have this line extending from them; your natural brow should start on these lines. You also want to make sure both of your brows are the same height at this point.

Now you need to know where your brows should stop. You are going to need to use your imagination again. This time the lines will start at the tip of your nose and go straight to the outer corner of your eyes. Since you are not quite to your brows yet, continue that line on to your hairline. The tails of your eyebrows should just touch this line. Now, as far as the arch in your eyebrow goes, do not tweeze one into your brow; just clean up the natural arch.

Fill in your brow

Once you shape your brow, you have the natural part of this eyebrow trend handled, but now you need to cover the thick part.  Few people are blessed with full eyebrows that do not have any spots that need to be filled in. Yes, you are allowed to hate the people that do! Some people choose to undergo micro-blading to fill in their brows. Some people get great results, but it is painful and can cause scarring in people with sensitive skin.

There is another option that also offers similar results without the pain and risk of skin damage. TatBrow is a company that specializes in product to help keep you “brows on fleek.” They offer two different eyebrow pens to fill in your brows and give you similar results to micro-blading. The Microblade pen is one of the products. It is a felt tip eyebrow pin. The tip is designed to allow you to do a quick short stroke and make a mark that mimics four hairs at a time. While the Micro Precision pen offers one single hair per stroke, this allows for a more precise application. Both of these products provide excellent results. It is just a matter of preference which you chose.

Using your TatBrow pen

Once you decide between the Tatbrow Microblade pen or Micro Precision Pen, it is time to learn how to use it. Think back to earlier and remember the perfect shape we are trying to achieve. You will use the Tatbrow pen of your choice to fill that shape in and make your brows appear thick and full. Start at your inner eyebrows, and from the base of your eyebrow, make quick strokes straight up.

Continue to move down the brow, making these marks but start to follow the natural hair movements in your eyebrows. Apply a little at a time. You can always add more, but it will be a headache to wash your face and start over. Make sure you allow the product to dry before applying more. After you achieve the look you desire and allow that final application to dry, use powder to set your brows.

You now know the secret to achieve perfect TatBrow Eyebrows. It is time for you to make the investment and purchase your Tatbrow eyebrow pen so you can make all your friends jealous of your perfect brows. They will all be begging you for your secret. It is your choice to share it or not, but who could keep this good of news to themselves.

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