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External factors affecting e-commerce efficiency and sales growth

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In order for more people to learn about a brand, it is necessary to use external tools to attract customers. Disseminating information about the company on various online platforms will help to get closer to the target audience and reach more users. Let’s consider the most effective tools to increase online store sales.

Contextual advertising

Properly configured search engine ads bring new customers within hours of launch. In addition, the most popular and powerful search engines, such as Yandex and Google, have their own network of partner sites that allow you to place contextual ads. This is a profitable way to advertise, which requires constant investment. The speed and effectiveness of obtaining the result – an attractive advantage of contextual advertising.

Email marketing

Let your audience learn the news of the online store, get acquainted with new products in the catalog, get information about discounts and promotions, read useful articles, because such mailings do not lose their effectiveness. With the right approach, email mailing becomes a powerful and relatively inexpensive tool to attract new customers and is an excellent motivator for repeat purchases.

Online store catalogs

Another way to make a statement – placing the site in specialized catalogs. But here, too, will have to try, because most sites operate on a rating principle. And the most popular are online stores with the highest positions in the ranking. Ratings themselves are often based on reviews, prices, number of orders. Product variants app might help you.

Native (natural) advertising

A way to increase sales on the Internet, which has been gaining popularity recently. It is famous for the absence of direct annoying advertising. In this case, you agree with popular bloggers and sites to mention the name of your brand in their articles and videos. This presentation of information is unobtrusive and natural. It is found that 53% of users like the native advertising, not banner advertising. And 18% more people who are willing to make a purchase after watching such advertising. The effectiveness of this method also manifests itself in the fact that most popular bloggers, for example, are “opinion leaders”, and any information they say is instantly picked up and remembered by fans. Many cooperate with thematic blogs. For example, only on a page in Instagram TV host Ksenia Borodina a few advertising posts a day is the norm.

Social networks

Social media is an effective tool to help you make friends with your target audience, increase their reach, and set up direct communication with them. Create exciting posts, advertise products, run contests, and surveys. All this will have a positive impact on the promotion of the online store and increase the level of loyalty and trust in you. The main thing is not to turn the site into a dump of continuous advertising of goods. The audience should be interesting and comfortable to follow your activity. Also, most popular social networks offer convenient advertising rooms to launch targeted advertising. Flexible features allow you to set up an advertising campaign in a narrow CA.

Video Channels

With a platform such as YouTube, you can attract a large audience by shooting and posting useful videos, such as reviews of the products you offer.


Publication of advertising articles in printed publications and on news sites will increase brand awareness. Materials should not carry direct advertising, but more useful or entertaining information that may interest your audience. Mention of the online store and its range of relevant to place at the very end, and it should take the form of an offer of assistance in solving the problems identified in the article.

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