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Since the day of an average person starts with a newspaper in hand and a cup of hot coffee, that’s what shows the importance of news in today’s world. The best thing about technology is that, now we don’t need to wait for another day to get the current news. Today everything is just 1 click away. The internet has made things easier, like never before. In the old days, we used to rely upon news channels to get the update of what’s happening around us, but now we can access all that information through our smartphones.

newspaperTo give the readers best experience, News Break has come up with the best online platform where the readers can explore the content from the vast web that hits their interest whether it is news, science, sports, lifestyle or gaming. Everything you ever need to know to live with the times, you can find it on News Break.

News Break always tries to deliver the interests of their readers and that is what their slogan says, “News Break™ – Your interests, delivered”. There are a lot of problems that readers face while surfing the web for any information. The web is a vast network and there is no denying the fact that not everything you find on the web is authentic or credible. This is where News Break comes as the savior. News Break provides content in an organized manner with the in-depth of all the facts and ensures the credibility to the readers and that’s how it is gaining the trust of more and more readers every day.

There are many readers who ask the benefit of this as there are many other platforms out there, but let us tell you something that not all of them provides the reader with the popular content and many of them don’t keep up with the trends. But News Break helps you to find the most popular content and also it revolves around your deepest interest.


Where It All Started

In News Break’s own words, “We believe in fulfilling the needs of our readers. We definitely don’t want them hassle through different websites or sources to find the content of their interest. We provide our readers with the best popular content that surrounds their interest.

Jeff was the one who started this journey in 2014 when he was unable to find the spare time to dig through different publishers just to find the content he wanted. His interests were cardio routines, low carbs diets, Silicon Valley startups and AI which took a lot of time to going through different publishers and searching.

Realizing that it was very likely that many others are facing this problem too, he decided to create a new product to help those to keep up with their interest. His mission with the team of News Break is to build an IPR (Intelligent Personalized Reader) for keeping up with the reader’s interest.”

News Break is trying really hard to keep the users up to date with their interest and help them to explore and discover their new interests.

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