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Explore the variations between moissanite vs. diamond

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It’s wedding season and diamonds are ruling the world of engagement rings. Diamonds are considered as the reign gemstone on our planet. But apparently, they are not only option available for engagement rings. There are stones like moissanite that are like diamonds in look, feel and other properties. Let us learn the differences between moissanite vs. diamonds today. Yes, they do have a lot of variations in reality.

Before that let’s learn something about diamonds and moissanite as separate stones. Diamond production is usually expensive because they cost a lot to bring it to the industry and there is limited supply in the quality of gems. If you are gemstone lover, then you may also enjoy checking out few tempting designs on the internet for your engagement. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance in the planet known humans. Moissanite is a synthetic chemical or man-made gemstone and named after the man who discovered it – Henry Mossain. He found mineral silicon carbide and create a magic to bring out moissanite.


How rarely moissanite and diamond is available? Diamonds are naturally occurring stones. Moissanite is also a natural stone that are rarely available and are expensive. It is a simulant of diamond, made of silicon carbide. They appear similar to a diamond but vary in few properties. The moissanite that are used in jewelries are lab-made. Did you know that moissanite is an eco-friendly jewelry option? For those willing to purchase a jewelry, moissanite could be a go-to option if you are more eco-conscious as it requires no mining.


Though moissanite appear significantly like diamond, it’s more affordable. The lower price of moissanite doesn’t reflect in the compromise of its quality. So, the same size of a moissanite gemstone, is lower in its price than diamonds. Usually diamonds are considered expensive, depending on the cuts, texture, and format. Moissanite is relatively affordable.


Diamonds are the hardest mineral on our planet. They appear 10 on Mohs scale of Hardness. Because of its extraordinary score on Mohs scale, they are known to give no scratches while used. But moissanite is nothing less. They are the second hardest gemstone with a whooping score of 9.25 – 9.5 on Mohs scale of Hardness. And so, they are suitable for a daily wear.


Moissanite is known to be colorless, but they do have sparks of yellowish or greyish hue. The larger the moissanite stone is, the brighter is its appearance. While diamonds luster in bright white color making them have zero traces of other colors.


The observable difference between diamonds and moissanites is in their brilliance. Moissanites are known to have more brilliance than diamonds making them sparkle brighter. Moissanites are more refractive because they are cut uniquely in a way to brighten the sparkle than a diamond. They sparkle in different colors making them look like a rainbow, whereas diamonds luster in bright white color.

Moissanite is durable option for engagements because it doesn’t scratch that easily. Anyway, don’t settle for one stone, explore the designs, and then make a call. Moissanite is an attractive diamond alternative for the diamonds. Designed with finesses and attention to every details, they are sparkly and marvelous.

Story by Soundar Rajan