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Everything you need to start a woodworking business

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Wood is a practical, beautiful material. On top of that, well-crafted wood furniture and decor have always been in demand. Naturally, wouldn’t it make sense to take a passion for would and craft and turn it into an entire business? If you’re crafty and have the business know-how, starting a woodworking business might be a perfect choice.

There are a few things you have to consider first, though, including CPR certification, a better goal-setting framework, and knowledge of every power tool you’ll need for the job.

Choosing the Right Tools

More often than not, you’ll be starting off as a smaller outfit. Sometimes, you have to pick and choose between the power tools you’re going to invest in first. Also, it’s important that you invest in quality tools that won’t need to be replaced too quickly. Ultimately, you should budget up to $2,000 for power tools when you first get started.

Sites like Woodworkology can help you choose the right power tools. The tools you’ll choose will vary between the crafts you’re creating. If you’re creating precision decor, you might want an oscillating tool with variable speed control and an orbital sander to smooth out the finishing touches. For heavier furniture pieces, a belt sander, router saw, and wood planer might be better first investments.

If you’ve been practicing woodworking for a while, you may already have some tools like a plunge router, miter saw, planer, and power sander that can operate at different speeds. This can help you save on overhead expenses. If not, sometimes it takes a simple Google search like “best belt sander” or “routing table” to find what you’re looking for. Sometimes, used power tools can be a great way to get equipment on the cheap.

Simple CPR Courses

This is critical for woodworking businesses with multiple team members. When you’re working with power tools, there’s always the potential for your team members—or yourself—to suffer an injury. Any form of first aid certification or CPR training can make a major difference. CPR and first aid can sometimes mean the difference between life or death. Knowing CPR can also inspire confidence in your customers, especially if you have a CPR certificate displayed in your workshop.

Luckily, you don’t have to be one of the many healthcare providers in the United States to learn CPR. If you don’t have the time or flexibility, consider an online CPR course. Taking CPR training online can save you both time and money. You may be able to find a free course for first aid training and basic life support (BLS) but often a paid first aid course or AED course will suit you better. Just make sure you keep up on CPR recertification.

Setting Better Goals

For larger projects, sometimes key performance indicators aren’t enough to help out your strategic plan. That’s where OKRs can help. OKRs are objectives and key results and they help align you and your team members with your business’s strategic plan. OKRs also help with performance management and performance reviews. If you’re unfamiliar with OKR methodology and how it can benefit your business, you may want to consider OKR software.

The best OKR software makes performance management and performance reviews a breeze. OKR software can also help with general and long-term goal-setting for large projects. Using OKR software can keep your team in alignment with the overall goals for your woodworking business.

Between online learning for your first aid certification course to picking out power tools and deciding upon OKRs, you’re going to have your hands full—even when you’re not working with wood. Choose to invest in projects and tools that will benefit you in both the short and long term. Your business and your team members will thank you for it.

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