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Everything you need to know about menopause

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Scientists support that women who are 46 to 55 are eligible to enter the menopause state. If you ask them how long menopause lasts, they don’t have a firm answer to give you. That depends on each woman’s DNA and what she can bear in pain and distress.

Not all women start entering the menopause state at the same age. That is why some can stay reproductive even in ages close to 50 years. The menopause age means women lose their sexual allure, become less sexually active, and have less energy to deal with daily chores. It would be wise for them to understand that menopause is a great time for them to reflect and think about their lives and all they need to do to stay alive.

1-Stops menstrual cycle

The first symptom would be the stop of the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle’s end can have severe psychological impacts on women who think of being fragile. The process produces natural hormones that make women feel better and happier. Now that they are in the menopause stage, they need to know how to deal with ups and downs in another way.

2-Can bring acne back

Some women with some pre-existing issues with acne can suffer from it again after the menopause outbreak. That happens because estrogens are in the lower levels for years, and their body reacts by generating new facial pimples. That mature acne can become the symbol of menopausal women as if they were teenagers that just have begun their menstrual cycle. It is not rare to see women suffer from acne at the age of 50, which makes them embarrassed and limits their social appearances to the least possible.

3-Makes your bones fragile

It is well-known that menopause can make your bones less robust since the lack of Vitamin D can do lots of harm. When you are in the peri-menopausal stage, you can start having bone X-rays and checking your bone density every year. That is the only way to be sure that your menopause will not threaten your health with sudden fractures that could happen in your arms and legs. Some of the worst fractures caused by menopause could be the pelvic bones that can automatically mean a long-term hospitalization for some women.

4-Gets you depressed

The collapse of female hormones in menopause can make you feel depressed. That depression state is not easy to anticipate with known medications. For that reason, women who have depression by menopause should insist on taking natural substances that can substitute for dopamine and serotonin in their brains. Those women who finally manage to control their feelings and introduce exercise to their daily activities can become more socially active and suffer less from depression symptoms. It would be wise for menopausal women to have a therapist visit and make sure they have no suicidal thoughts.


Although menopause is a natural thing that comes with age in women, none of them is ready to accept it when it comes. For that reason, you would be thrilled to know that modern medicine has the knowledge and expertise to deal with any feminine problem caused by that situation. Menopause will never become an unbearable burden for women who want to live normally and make a fresh start. If they have a mindful partner, all women can have a great life during menopause.

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