Everything you need to know about colors when creating a banner or poster for your business

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Making a standout banner or poster is paramount to the success of your marketing or advertising campaign. If you want to make sure that your banner or poster is noticed and catches the eye – as well as hits its mark in the consciousness of your target audience – then you need to consider several different factors. Among all the elements that make up banner or poster creation, including the fonts, the size of the typography, the images, and more, the mix and blend of colors really count. You have to choose a color which complements and emphasizes your brand, and not a color which can detract from it. So how do you choose the right colors for your banners or posters? Here’s everything you need to know about colors when creating a banner or poster for your business.

The color yellow

The color yellow is associated with energy and optimism, and it also has a richness to it that reminds viewers of treasures and gold. But too much use of it can be a risk since it can irritate the eye, so it’s best to use it moderately. To make yellow work for you, balance it with another color such as blue or black. Yellow is also best used in sectors that encourage the customer to act fast or on impulse, such as the travel industry, the food industry and the like.

The color red

Red is a dominant color as well, and it invokes fire, love, passion and speed, as confirmed by expert printers Stockport firm Harveyboard Print & Digital. The context of the colour red is also important, so the personality of your brand should be able to work well with it. If your brand doesn’t live up to the colour’s strength, it can be overpowered by it and detract rather than add to your brand’s appeal. The color works well if you want to install a sense of urgency in your customers and if you want to evoke an emotional response; it is used mostly for the food industry but also the entertainment and retail industry.

The color green

Green is a relaxing color signifying rebirth and nature, growth, abundance and prosperity. It is also a color that’s calm and peaceful; a deeper shade of green can also show luxury and wealth. If you offer something natural and fresh, green is a brilliant choice; this is especially true if your products are related to health and the environment.

The color blue

Blue is complex color because it’s hard to box it in as it is so diverse. It is mainly associated with dependability and tranquility as well as strength and stability. If you want your brand to look more stable, use a deeper blue, particularly if you are in the technology sector, the banking sector and even the social media sector. If you use a lighter hue of blue, it can convey care and compassion; it is also calm and peaceful.

There are many other colors out there, such as black, which is bold, sophisticated, and confident, as well as pink, which is caring and impactful and works best with youthful brands and brands targeting women. But whichever colors you choose, make sure they complement your brand and image and give your banners or posters the edge they need to stand out.

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