Even Republicans don’t like Paul Ryan anymore

paul ryanRemember when Paul Ryan was the Boy Wonder of the Republican Party? It ain’t 2012, or even late 2015, anymore.

A new national poll from Public Policy Polling has Ryan under water with Republican voters, 44 percent of whom disapprove of the job that he’s doing as House Speaker, to 40 percent who approve.

As recently as last November, Ryan had a 69-14 approval split, but this was before he assumed the duties of House Speaker, and also before he waffled on supporting The Donald for president.

Ryan is subject of a GOP lovefest compared to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who only gets 14 percent approval from Republican voters, with 64 percent not approving of the job he’s doing leading the Senate.

President Obama, meantime, is a net positive, with 49 percent of all voters approving of the job that he’s doing, and 48 percent disapproving.

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