Essential tools for any new business

businessStarting a new business is a stressful experience so knowing which tools are best and how they work is extremely helpful. The list below takes you through the latest and greatest tools and services to help your new business thrive and achieve all your goals.

Anti-Virus & Security

So you’ve spent a few hundred to a thousand pounds on a new computer to run your business on but you haven’t protected it yet. Getting anti-virus and security for your new computer is absolutely essential when starting a business. You will have lots of information stored on your new computer that you need to protect. This is also a similar issue with your mobile devices for business use. They keep important information on the device and if you’re hacked it could be disastrous. Tools such as mobile security from Lookout will help your devices stay secure and be protected from viruses.


Starting a business involves lots of new data from clients, customers, and your own information. It is essential to keep this information safe at all times. It is also a good idea to keep this information in an easily accessible place for you, in case you’re at a meeting and need to review sales figures or need a clients address or phone number. Cloud storage solutions such as Asset Bank keep your data safe in the cloud whilst being easily accessible for you wherever you are (as long as you have internet connection).

Human Resources

Once you start hiring employees to your business, you are going to need to keep their information safe and organized. Which is why a human resources software such as Cezanne HR will help you out. The software will help you stay organized and know who’s booked what days off and mark down when employees haven’t turned up due to illness. You could also store important information for employees such as the handbook and any other important contractual agreements on the service.

Market Research

Knowing your target market and audience is vital to being a successful business.  That’s why hiring a professional market research company to help you out would be a great idea. They will help you work out who your target market is and where they are best advertised to and contacted. This can help your company focus their sales on that type of person or area of the country therefore improving sales, resulting in more success! If you’re interested in hiring a market research company to help your business, go to

These are just a handful of many essential tools and services you can pay for to make the most of your business.


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