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eSports vs. virtual gambling

Do you remember how you played with your friends over the LAN? These were the first steps of eSports which achieved great results and became a promising industry. Today, experts estimate the eSports market at $900+ million and this amount will increase several times. In each tournament, prize funds and the value of prizes increases by attracting new teams and investors. Players, sponsors and spectators spend so much money on bets that eSports betting becomes a separate market.

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The first such bets appeared in the “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ” game when gamers used skin online gambling by opening in-game cases. Similar skins changed the look and format of the weapon. Experts began to say that this is a creation of the underground economy.

To get the skin, the player must complete the task or spend money. You can also donate or sell skins. As a result, the CS market has appeared. Here, rare skins had high prices and most gamers bought them. Not all users  liked this idea, and one of them even filed a lawsuit against Valve Corporation (creator of CS:GO). According to this lawsuit, the corporation participated in the creation of an illegal market in the game. Of course, Valve representatives said they had nothing to do with it.

In fact, CS:GO is not the only online game where participants can win/buy skins. A few years ago, Valve Dota 2 made a splash in the gaming market.

eSports is the future of computer technology

When investors and companies saw the popularity of Dota 2/CS:GO, they began to spend more money and create conditions to increase rates. Accordingly, prize funds in various eSports tournaments increased. For example, the prize pool of the League of Legends 2017 Season World Championship reached $4,597,590. Winners of 2018 Call of Duty World League Championships received $1.5 million. As the most popular game, Dota2 set a new record among prize pools – $24,787,916.

As in any industry, popularity and high stakes have made eSports rich. This is a new and promising market with a growing economy.

eSports Betting & Gambling

Experienced players know that sports betting on the Internet is very popular. Most modern users bet on football/basketball /formula-1. eSports paid attention to this advantage too. After a few updates, fans of this industry can bet on the result of a match or tournament. There are many eSports Betting sites on the Internet and you can visit them at any time. In addition, eSports is expanding. New players and experienced members form teams, participate in tournaments and spend money.

But at the same time, these two industries (gambling and eSports Betting) attract new investors. But this is only the first on the way to Olympus and we are sure that these industries are not going to stop.

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