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Escape the harsh realities of life with Jamaican Soca artist Klassik Frescobar

The multitalented musician Klassik Frescobar is living proof that music can help you escape the harsh realities of life, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

This is particularly good news in these trying times where almost everyone’s life has been affected by Covid-19. Millions of people have lost their jobs or loved ones due to this global pandemic. But Klassik is no stranger to hardships and tough times. Kamaal Burrowes, Klassik’s real name, was born in New York, but raised by his grandparents in Kingston, Jamaica. He had humble beginnings and used music as an escape. He listened to the radio throughout the day and fell in love with the local music genres Soca and Calypso. Whenever he got his hands on his mother’s cassette player he would listen to artists like Sean Paul, Bounty Killa, and Beanie Man without knowing that they didn’t come from Jamaica.

A star in the making

When he was 13 he moved back to New York. He spent much of his time in the Bronx, a notoriously dangerous area. He listened to Hip Hop and took part in Rap battles. During these battles participants would brag, boast and hurl insults at each other. He started writing his own songs and used the name Ssik. Later he changed it to Klassik Frescobar. “Fresco” means fresh in Spanish and “bar” is a musical term. At the age of 17 he started to consider a career in the music industry.

Even though he was into Hip Hop and Rap he never forgot his Jamaican roots and often went to Soca and Dancehall parties. It was during this time that he met the DJ, producer, singer, and songwriter Ricky Blaze. In 2009 Klassik released his mixtape “Back for Revenge”, which was hosted by DJ Diggz, DJ Lust and Evil Empire. It was an instant hit in his neighborhood and gave him a taste of fame. In 2010 Klassik Frescobar released his mixtape “Sleep When I Die” with Ricky Blaze, Red Café, Corny Gunz, XV, and Currensy. His future was looking bright, but then disaster struck. He was arrested and convicted of a robbery that took place in 2009. The young star was sent to jail, but he made it clear to his fans that this was not the end of his musical career.

Moving to Miami

In 2014, after his release from jail, he moved to Miami because there is a large Caribbean community in South Florida, making it easier to gain Soca fans. LL Cool Blaze, a Jamaican DJ, record producer, and songwriter living in Florida, is the one who encouraged him to make the transition to Soca. Klassik said he did this by “inviting me to get on a rhythm, the ‘Bad Boys Riddim’”. He took Blaze’s advice and five years later he achieved success with his single Boom on the Fuego riddim. The Guyanese rapper Red Café also played a major role in his transition. “I have to big up Red Café and everyone else that helped me transition musically from New York to Miami,” Klassik said.

“The fans love my music because it’s high energy. It’s Soca fused with the Dancehall and Hip Hop influence I grew up on. I focus on exciting the people and making them dance,” Klassik explained.

An escape from reality

He really cares about his fans and wants to encourage those who come from humble beginnings to follow their dreams. The Soca star says he would like to be an example for the youth. Despite growing up in the Hood, going to prison, and lacking money, he never let these obstacles get in the way of his dreams.

In 2020 the remix of his hit “Looking Good” charted at number 1 on iTunes’ Top 100 Reggae Songs. His song “Too Much” also charted in the Barbados Top 200 Shazams 2021, as well as in the Bermuda Top 200 Shazams 2021.

Klassik Frescobar will continue doing what he does best because he believes that “music gives people an opportunity to escape from the harsh realities of day to day life” and that he provides that escape.

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