ERSC Indulged at Applachia Baking Co in Elkton

ersc-appalachiaThirty-one ERSC members enjoyed a first ever visit to the Appalachia Baking Company located in downtown Elkton. This three month old business is operated by Phil Retille, son-in-law of two ERSC members. Today’s visit was planned in conjunction with a field trip to the Elkton Welcome Center, which is located just a few doors from the bakery.

As we entered the doors, we were met with the very tantalizing aromas of freshly brewed coffee that was pleasing to the senses even if you don’t drink coffee!

Our large group of attendees enjoyed a choice of hot mulled cider, hot cocoa, or coffee. Mini sandwich rounds made on freshly baked bread, fresh veggies, scones and homemade miniature cinnamon buns were also served by the very attentive waitstaff–all family members. Our group was fortunate to be able to occupy the bakery essentially by ourselves as we began our 9:45 a.m. visit, just prior to the regular operating hours.

ERSC Director Lisa Gooden coordinated the trip a couple of weeks ago and discussed our ‘limited’ budget with the baker’s wife (Cathy Wenzel) who was very eager to accommodate our ‘special’ group. Since the ERSC has received recent donations that were applied to our social/rec budget, we used VPAS monies for this trip, which cost less than $85.

As if we weren’t completely satisfied…and full when we were preparing to leave, the owner’s brother-in-law was eager to allow everyone to take a goodie bag filled with miniature gingerbread cookies, and for one of our lucky members, they left with a fresh loaf of bread as a prize because she held the bag with the business card for Appalachia Baking Company (ABC). Also, since our van drivers and Center Director didn’t take time to snack with the group, the drivers were given a bag of the day’s samplings with the following message: “For the drivers…nobody goes without you!” And, the Center Director’s message was, “For Lisa, who makes it all work…thanks…we love you! ABC

We certainly LOVED our visit and hope to return in the very near future…..for lunch! A very warm and friendly thank you note from ERSC members was delivered this afternoon to the baker.

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